Karoi joins global zero waste movement

The Environmental Management Agency trained over 6 000 community members on recycling as a business.
By Nhau Mangirazi Apr. 2, 2024

Entrepreneurial innovation in the medical sector

There is need not only to rethink but also to restructure the health sector towards innovative medical innovation.
By Farai Chigora and Agnes Katsidzira Mar. 24, 2024

Responsible consumption, production: A very difficult goal to attain

Some countries manage their resources as if there is no tomorrow, or as if no one would come after them.
By Peter Makwanya Mar. 18, 2024

Letters: Why Zimbabwe’s education system is in decline

In Zimbabwe, health and education have been found wanting owing to a myriad of governance factors which underplay optimum service delivery.
By Amh Voices Mar. 10, 2024

Talking Point: Govt must grant financial inclusion, informality and sustainable development

An increase in financial inclusion can reduce informality through direct and indirect channels.
By Amh Voices Feb. 10, 2024

Local climate action under threat from lack of political will

As such, the solutions to the climate change impacts will not come from scientists only but everyone and every sector, hence it needs collective and collaborative efforts.
By Peter Makwanya Jan. 1, 2024

Entrepreneurship Touch Base

 Not forgetting that Artificial Intelligence is becoming a quick tool for quantifying the previously unmeasurable customer satisfaction.
By Farai Chigora Dec. 24, 2023

UK white paper targets China development model, Beijing retaliates

The tension has been escalating between UK and China especially in universities, research fields, hi tech and other strategic businesses for quite some time.
By The Singapore Post Dec. 11, 2023

Perspectives: The decent work agenda: Securing growth and safe spaces for informal workers

The inference tends to be negative – that globalisation is to blame.
By Samuel Wadzai Oct. 29, 2023