Vic Falls ‘conservation’ status comes under Unesco spotlight

At the 45th Unesco World Heritage (WH) Committee conference being held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Victoria Falls was on the agenda over its “conservation” status.
By Tinashe Kairiza Sep. 22, 2023
Tough regulatory costs drain industries
Tough regulatory costs drain industries
The CZI boss said the manufacturing sector was now lagging behind other sectors in terms of contribution to gross domestic product (GDP).
By Freeman Makopa Sep. 22, 2023
Global markets reject govt loan guarantees
Zimbabwe’s debt has spiralled from US$600 million in 1980, following protracted defaults.
By Shame Makoshori Sep. 22, 2023
WestProp wins Pomona City land wrangle
WestProp and another company called Fairclot Investments have been at loggerheads over the land.
By Staff Writer Sep. 22, 2023
Industries reject Zimdollar ‘return’
Upheavals on the currency front have given impetus to industries’ view that exclusive trade in the Zimbabwe dollar must not begin as planned in 2025.
By Shame Makoshori Sep. 22, 2023
Dispute over Chidawu farm sale
The former minister collapsed at his home in July last year, leaving a sprawling business empire with a footprint in agriculture, construction and insurance.
By Freeman Makopa Sep. 22, 2023
ZimInd takes legal action against parly over CDF
Parliament refused to release the documents when it was approached by this newspaper in June this year.
By Staff Writer Sep. 22, 2023
Cabinet nepotism fractures Zanu PF
But those fighting in Mnangagwa’s corner argued that such appointments were common.
By Vincent Mungofa and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Sep. 22, 2023
Update: 26K arrested in operation “Tame the Traffic Jungle" blitz
Posting on X (formerly Twitter), ZRP said 695 vehicles have been impounded for moving on the roads with no registration plates.
By Online Reporter Sep. 20, 2023
Zim, Zambia set up teams to resolve fallout
Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa described the presidential election result as a “gigantic fraud”.
By Tinashe Kairiza and Freeman Makopa Sep. 15, 2023
Cabinet ‘nepotism’ riles Zanu PF chefs
There is discontent over what the Zanu PF bigwigs described as “weaponisation of ethnicity” alleging “Karanga kinsmen from Masvingo and Midlands” dominated the executive.
By Sydney Kawadza Sep. 15, 2023
Investors make headway in US$850m pipeline: Cross
He said the governments of Zimbabwe and Mozambique would be updated once a bankable feasibility study was in place.
By Freeman Makopa Sep. 15, 2023
LSE-listed miner pursues lithium deals in China, SA
Andrew Bell, chairperson at Red Rock, said the firm’s lithium export strategy would be vital for the business, which initially wanted to concentrate on sales to the domestic market.
By Gamuchirai Nyamuziwa Sep. 15, 2023
New mayor lays out vision for scandal-ridden Harare
The tightly-contested  polls were slammed by the international community.
By Vincent Mungofa and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Sep. 15, 2023
Shake-up looms in state depts
Mnangagwa also brought in several new faces to the line-up of ministers appointed to head provinces.
By Freeman Makopa Sep. 15, 2023
Rural women feel heat as food stocks run out
Government says it will start distributing food aid to more than two million citizens from October 1.
By Admire Jamu-mlambo Sep. 15, 2023
146 000 megalitres of raw sewage gush into Chivero
This translates to about 400 mega litres of toxic sewerage flowing back to Lake Chivero daily.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Sep. 15, 2023
Interview: ‘African insurance markets battling bad boy tag: We must correct it’
Therefore, capacity building is central to what is good to take us to the next level.
By Melody Chikono Sep. 15, 2023
‘CCC’s Sadc petition will be futile’
The Sadc Treaty forbids the bloc from interfering in member states’ internal affairs.
By Freeman Makopa Sep. 15, 2023
Zida matchmaking platform to drive investment — CEO
The platform is a brainchild of the Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (Zida).
By Staff Writer Sep. 9, 2023
CCC in bid to block Mnangagwa at Sadc
Mnangagwa assumed the Sadc deputy chair’s position during its 43rd summit held in Angola last month.
By Miriam Mangwaya and Tinashe Kairiza Sep. 8, 2023
Mnangagwa annihilates G40 camp
Mugabe’s wife Grace was the face of G40, which was a creation of young Turks, who wanted to renew the party from within.
By Sydney Kawadza Sep. 8, 2023
Zanu PF, CCC take political battle to parly
Mudenda has been Speaker since 2013 when he replaced Lovemore Moyo.
By Sydney Kawadza Sep. 8, 2023
High debt stifles growth: Zimcodd
An economic crisis back home has hampered Zimbabwe’s efforts to service its debt obligations.
By Tinashe Kairiza Sep. 8, 2023
Economic rebound as Mnangagwa assumes new term ...‘It’s mission impossible’
Mnangagwa beat his strongest rival, Nelson Chamisa, leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) after polling 52,6% compared to the latter’s 44%.
By Freeman Makopa Sep. 8, 2023
Zim banks on cusp of dramatic seismic shift
The report covers banking sector dynamics from the end of 2021 to the first half of this year.
By Shame Makoshori Sep. 8, 2023
Interview: Zec maintains ‘disputed’ poll outcome:
What was your assessment of the just-ended elections? Were you satisfied?
By The Zimbabwe Independent Sep. 8, 2023
Banks see rebound as new era beckons
What has been the effect of the Zimbabwe Asset Management Company (Zamco)’s mopup of non-performing loans (NPLs)?
By Melody Chikono Sep. 8, 2023