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Americans clinging to cash

The reality is that investing in the stock market is worrisome for many Americans right now.
By Kerry Hannon Feb. 3, 2023
Lexus ES 300h SE hits the mark
Lexus ES 300h SE hits the mark
The new ES differentiates itself from its competitors with features like the three-dimensional "spindle" grille on the front, katana-slash headlights, and an arched roofline.
By Andrew Muzamhindo Feb. 3, 2023
Drug abuse is an asymmetric threat
This silent "pandemic" whose pervasive impact has cut across all social strata like a hot knife cutting through butter has affected the nation.
By Sapien Sapien Feb. 3, 2023
Lukashenko visit puts Zim in West’s crosshairs
Belarus manufactures state-of-the-art advanced military systems.
By Nevanji Madanhire Feb. 3, 2023
Use of lawfare to mark 2023 election year
Lawfare is defined as the misuse of legal systems and principles against an opponent for the purpose of damaging or delegitimising them.
By Kudzai Kuwaza Feb. 3, 2023
Interview: ‘Things getting better in the skies’
The aviation landscape in southern Africa continues to develop because of several factors.
By Freeman Makopa Feb. 3, 2023
Muckracker: We really need to take our friend Lukashenko’s advice seriously
Lukashenko came bearing a lot of gifts, anything from tractors to election advice.
By Muckracker Feb. 3, 2023
Reflecting on the export ban for raw lithium
The government does not consider concentrates as raw or unprocessed lithium.
By Victor Bhoroma Jan. 27, 2023
Reform major cities for economic development
The economic ambitions of Zimbabwe to be a middle-income economy by 2030 cannot be achieved, unless urgent action is taken to reform the cities into investment institutions and centres.
By Rodney Ndamba Jan. 27, 2023
Budgeting for trouble
The ticketing process involved the conductor manually noting the pick-up points, destinations and sometimes registrable luggage for each passenger.
By Kaynos Chipangura Jan. 27, 2023
Staff turnover: What every employer needs to know
There has been debate about whether turnover affects the performance of the organisation or not.
By Memory Nguwi Jan. 27, 2023
New Horizon: Are elections important?
The 1980s elections were rapidly followed by Independence, education, health and clean water supply.
By Fay Chung Jan. 27, 2023
Kennedy disease can affect the ability to walk, speak, swallow
Medication may be prescribed to treat specific symptoms of Kennedy's disease.
By The Zimbabwe Independent Jan. 27, 2023
Ceteris Paribus: Zimbabwe elections trend: Prospects of 2008 repetition
Political turmoil and economic stagnation served as the setting for the 2008 presidential election.
By Tinashe Duma Jan. 27, 2023
Top stock picks for 2023
We identify four stocks that exhibit one or more of these characteristics, namely Innscor Africa, Delta Corporation, Simbisa Brands, and Hippo Valley Estates.
By Tafara Mtutu Jan. 27, 2023
Candid Comment: Bootlicking political statements detrimental to development
Garwe of late has been an architect of his own goals if it was in football circles. His desperation to please his political superiors is sliding into desperation of gigantic proportions.
By Tinashe Makichi Jan. 27, 2023
Editor’s Memo: Drugs: Dominican Convent shock
During Covid-19 lockdowns we learnt that parents didn’t really want to spend the days with their children. They were used to packing them into vans and leaving them in the hands of school authorities.
By Nevanji Madanhire Jan. 27, 2023
Muckracker: It’s not only Moyo who will be left ‘very naked’ Hon. MP
The High Court ruled that Section 314 of the Urban Councils Act, which gave Moyo the cojones to tell councillors what to do, was null and void.
By Muckraker Jan. 27, 2023
Mai Denzel: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander
The result was some very public narrative about her love life including some leaked nude pictures that she had shared in the comfort of her intimate relationship.
By Grace Chirenje Jan. 27, 2023
Zimbabwe needs a mining claims database
Zimbabwe needs to take advantage of the advancing national information and communication technology (ICT), and develop a national Mines and Geosciences Central Database System (CDS)
By Jacob Mutisi Jan. 27, 2023
Repression: When Zim stops pretending to be a democracy
With a government that has given up on trying to hide its authoritarian foundations, 2023 is likely to be the country’s worst election for the next 15 years.
By The Africa Report Jan. 27, 2023
Floating a diaspora bond: Should Zim continue borowing?
Independent estimates, however, show that over three million Zimbabweans are living abroad and the numbers continue to balloon.
By Zvikomborero Sibanda Jan. 27, 2023
SA continues to scramble its future
The ANC and the former Soviet Union have ties going back almost 100 years, and support came in the form of military training as well as weaponry and military aid. 
By Heena Joshi Jan. 27, 2023
Honda Fit Hybrid eCVT a pricey beauty
The Honda Fit, formerly known as the Jazz in some markets, has improved upon past generations by finding a formula that appears to be successful for the target demographic.
By Andrew Muzamhindo Jan. 27, 2023
On the persistence of politicians
Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s soon-to-be ex-prime minister, has created her own “happy juncture”.
By Gwynne Dyer Jan. 27, 2023
World View: Ukraine: Will Western tanks bring victory?
The Doomsday Clock was thought up in 1947 by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to dramatise the threat of nuclear war.
By Gwynne Dyer Jan. 27, 2023
Distracted generation a distracted workforce
 Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and people tend to get easily distracted.
By Brian Makwara Jan. 20, 2023
Is Vision 2030 achievable in the face of energy crisis?
The WB assigns the world’s economies to four income groups: low, lower-middle, upper-middle and high income.
By Courage Masona Jan. 20, 2023