Exploring the vibrant world of sports betting in Ethiopia

While the allure of sports betting is undeniable, it's crucial to approach it with caution and responsibility.
By Theindependent Mar. 11, 2024
Jotter: Students develop an integrated learning app
Jotter: Students develop an integrated learning app
A group of over 20 young people from across the Matabeleland region came together to discuss how they and their peers had been affected by this.
By Staff Writer Mar. 17, 2023
Innovative crowd-investing app ‘PiggyBankAdvisor’ launched
Innovation is the systematic practice of developing and marketing breakthrough products and services for adoption by customers.
By Staff Writer Mar. 17, 2023
Meta gives up on NFTs for Facebook and Instagram
Meta is “winding down” its work with NFTs on Facebook and Instagram, Meta commerce and fintech lead Stephane Kasriel said in a Twitter thread on Monday.
By The Verge Mar. 15, 2023
Reasons To Buy Bitcoin From A Trading Platform
Another fundamental reason behind getting the coins from this particular space is that it provides
By Theindependent Mar. 2, 2023
Why do banks not want people to rely upon cryptocurrencies?
Cryptocurrency transaction volume is much less than the fiat currencies, leading to a lack of liquidity in the market.
By Theindependent Feb. 9, 2023
Top 6 Trends in Cryptography in 2021
It is crypto's highest six trends in 2021. Controllers, conventional monetary organizations, and crypto-organization
By Theindependent Jan. 7, 2023
Why is Bitcoin Slumping?
Experiencing sharp falls in the cryptocurrency industry is very usual for investors.
By Theindependent Jan. 1, 2023
What are the essential benefits of cryptocurrency trading in 2021?
The high return that cryptocurrencies can offer you is also a crucial reason you should trade in cryptocurrencies
By Theindependent Dec. 29, 2022
Govts should invest in security systems
Zimbabwe’s mainstream services and online software applications are at some point the target of local and international hackers.
By Jacob Mutisi Nov. 25, 2022
MT4 Login and Sign-Up Processes on Mobile Devices
ability to make deals 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection;
By Theindependent Nov. 15, 2022
Fan tokens are dominating the trends in the digital world.
The inflation in the current system of activities is highly driven by the fact
By Theindependent Nov. 10, 2022
Motoring: Kia Picanto X Line: Budgeting busted
A reduction in duties and taxes will see prices of most cars go down by at least 40% or so.
By Andrew Muzamhindo Nov. 4, 2022
The Top Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin
Chain Link is an oracle network that bridges between intelligent contracts like those a
By Theindependent Nov. 4, 2022
Facts To Know About Crypto Interest Account
Cryptocurrency Is Not For Every Person
By Theindependent Nov. 1, 2022
What Jobs are available in the cryptocurrency sector?
As the crypto industry is growing around the world, several job opportunities
By Theindependent Nov. 1, 2022
Use of digital Yuan in health care in china
It can help improve the overall quality of service and prevent any issues that may arise with intermediaries.
By Theindependent Oct. 13, 2022
Which are the official regulatory bodies of iGaming in New Zealand?
The other main priorities are to prevent social harm such as gambling addiction, enforce responsible gambling, and ensure that profits from gambling benefit local communities across New Zealand. 
By Theindependent Oct. 7, 2022
Social media can help crypto investors
The necessity of Social media in the market of crypto
By Theindependent Oct. 6, 2022
How is Montana becoming a Preferable Location for Bitcoin Trading
Montana is quickly becoming a hub for Bitcoin activity.
By Theindependent Sep. 29, 2022
Sustainability, Renewable Energy. and Almost Unsolvable Energy Problems
How Are the World’s Economic Powers Dealing with the Energy Problem
By Theindependent Sep. 22, 2022
Easy ways to make a profit from bitcoins
popular aspect of digital tokens
By Theindependent Sep. 20, 2022
How to order bitcoin crypto from a trading platform?
security threats are very prevalent in the crypto space
By Theindependent Sep. 19, 2022
Crime tech: Technology can eradicate corruption
The solution to Zimbabwe’s corruption challenges is to adopt the use of technology to access Zimbabwe’s day-to-day services.
By Jacob Mutisi Sep. 9, 2022
Social media platforms should act on hate speech
This should include ensuring proper police investigations on hate speech and xenophobic crimes and holding those responsible to account. 
By Jacob Mutisi Sep. 2, 2022
Digital platforms transfer ZW$8tn
Mutepfa said women's financial inclusion moved from 68% in 2014 to 83% in 2022.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Sep. 2, 2022
concept is performed which represents the practical effectiveness of the project
By Theindependent Sep. 1, 2022
2022 Nissan Qashqai a polished performer

Nissan recently expanded its model portfolio with a cutting-edge hybrid system. Customers can now choose between 1,5-litre full-fat hybrid engines or 1,3-litre mild hybrid engines.

By The Independent Aug. 12, 2022