End RBZ’s quasi-fiscal activities, IMF tells Zim

The RBZ said this week that it was removing the 10% trading margin above the interbank rate as it fine-tunes and further liberalises the foreign exchange market.
By Business Reporter Oct. 26, 2023

Will new decree move the needle?

The foreign currency auction system introduced by the RBZ in June 2020 has been at the centre of most discussions for quite some time now.
By Rufaro Hozheri Jun. 23, 2023

Editorial Comment: Stop the threats and fix economic fundamentals

The government and RBZ blame businesses for the local currency’s woes, hence the threats to freeze their accounts and prosecute company directors.
By The Standard Jun. 11, 2023

Interbank Games give birth to SWVL

SWVL chairperson, Desire Svovanapasi said they gathered and created an initiative to promote wellness in workplaces through volleyball after the 2022 Interbank Games.
By Own Correspondent Jun. 3, 2023

Current banking crisis: Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

There was both a liquidity and credit crunch (shortage) in the US, which spread on to global interbank markets.
By Kevin Tutani May. 19, 2023

Weakening Zim currency unsettles fragile industries

The interbank exchange rate rocketed by 68% from US$1:ZW$684 in December last year, to US$1:ZW$930 at the end of March.
By Mthandazo Nyoni May. 19, 2023

Auction allotments levels remain low

The levels of allotments remained low, cementing a trend that has been true for at least two months now.
By Respect Gwenzi Sep. 16, 2022