The issue of concussions in football

The issue of concussions in football

Whenever individuals hit their heads, it is necessary to closely watch them and take them to hospital if they start to show symptoms of a more serious problem. Sports are no exception, and allows its members to make all kinds of wagers on all kinds of disciplines.


Football is a sport that has changed its regulations a lot regarding concussions during recent years. Footballers can suffer these kinds of issues if for example:


  • they collide with another player;
  • they are hit with the ball too strongly on their heads;
  • or also due to other issues, like dehydration or heat stroke.


The great majority of football injuries affect the lower limbs. However, there are still some players who have suffered serious head injuries that even threatened their lives. Probably the most famous case is the one of Petr Čech. The 1xBet website also features chances to wager on the best goalkeepers from the entire world.

Persistent symptoms

Many medical universities and institutions have made studies about the long-term effects of heading the ball repeatedly. According to a study made by a Norwegian university, approximately a third of retired and active players exhibit abnormal electroencephalogram readings. This indicates a disruption to their normal brain activity. The best football headers are also featured at - your live bet Uganda can be made now on these great players.


This also suggests that not necessarily a head injury can cause these kinds of effects. This can also happen after repeatedly hitting the ball with the head. For this reason, there has been some debate about introducing mandatory head protecting gear. Also, in some youth leagues, kids are forbidden from heading the ball. You can make your live bet on 1xBet Uganda whenever a player is likely to score a goal with his head.

FIFA steps in

There have been many occasions when footballers lose consciousness after suffering a blow to their heads. Sometimes the medical team of the squad of these players assess them and allow them to continue playing. While waiting for football matches with all kinds of situations, you can try the best slots sites Uganda - 1xBet bookmaker is filled with hundreds of games.


However, many neurologists have stated that this can be quite dangerous, because it is not known if the player has suffered more serious injuries. According to those experts, allowing them to continue playing could even be life-threatening in some circumstances.


For this reason, FIFA has introduced a protocol that makes mandatory that players who suffer concussions are substituted. The 1xBet Uganda bookmaker has the best slots sites, and they can be used while waiting for great football events.



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