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Lessons for media from Kenya elections

In the build-up to the hotly contested election, Ruto framed the election as a contest between “hustlers” and “dynasties.”
By Tendai Makaripe Sep. 2, 2022

Bogus estate agents exposed

EACZ board chairman Nicodimus Kuipa advised members of the public to work with registered companies.
By Tendai Makaripe Sep. 2, 2022

Electoral fees hike stifles democracy?

Grecian political thinkers had divergent views on what democracy entails and whether it is a perfect governance system.
By Tendai Makaripe Sep. 9, 2022

Zim caregivers sing the blues in UK

Unfortunately, the dream for a better life continues to be a pipe dream despite travelling over 10 000km in search of it.
By Tendai Makaripe Sep. 16, 2022

Zim judiciary crying for help

THE name Charles-Louis de Montesquieu has been immortalised in the history of political theory and jurisprudence.
By Tendai Makaripe Sep. 23, 2022

Furore over ‘exorbitant’ Cala charges

The charges are crippling an already financially incapacitated populace struggling to make a living.
By Tendai Makaripe Sep. 30, 2022

Brain drain cripples Zim

Analyst Jethro Makumbe attributed the youth flight to poor governance.
By Tendai Makaripe Sep. 30, 2022

Health time bomb as drug prices soar

These medicines are sold on street corners and in open spaces.
By Tendai Makaripe Oct. 14, 2022

Resurrection of G40 rocks Zanu PF

G40 was bitterly opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe in the event that the veteran nationalist disengaged from politics.
By Tendai Makaripe Oct. 21, 2022

PSMI falls on hard times, faces collapse

Cosmas Mukwesha and Shingai Maputo in September appeared before the courts facing fraud charges.
By Tinashe Kairiza and Tendai Makaripe Nov. 4, 2022

Civil servants sing the blues over PSMI clinics closure

Owing to the closure of units, capacity utilisation has plummeted to below 10% as patients and clients fail to access services.
By Tendai Makaripe Nov. 25, 2022

The year 2022 in politics

POLITICS, as has been said already, is a muddy game, in which players do not hesitate to swim in the mud so long it serves the purpose.
By Tendai Makaripe Dec. 23, 2022

Feature: Can Zim still call this democracy?... when the ballot box is overshadowed by the coffin

Around his head, a grotesque halo of blood splattered on the ground bore a silent, horrifying testament to the brutality he had suffered.
By Tendai Makaripe Aug. 11, 2023

Zim’s Machiavellianism political chessboard and people’s plight

If the ruling party engineered this action, it likely did so to gain complete dominance over parliament and use it as a tool to advance its political objectives.
By Tendai Makaripe Oct. 27, 2023

Through life’s thorns: A mental patient’s heartbreaking battle against illness

Some good Samaritans from the area took Mazengera back to her widowed mother, who never anticipated that any sane person would do something like that to her daughter.
By Tendai Makaripe Nov. 23, 2023

A day in the life of a person living with disability

This environmental degradation distresses locals, including 51-year-old cobbler Asima Kapill, popularly known in the area as Banda.
By Tendai Makaripe Nov. 30, 2023

Interview: The Gaza conflict: Diaspora’s trauma, anxiety and anguish

I have managed only a scant few hours of rest since the onset of the aggression.
By Tendai Makaripe Dec. 1, 2023

An enduring 61-year-long love affair in a sea of divorce cases

Sometime in March 1962, a humble wedding took place in Rusape, Manicaland province, about 170km east of Salisbury, now Harare.
By Tendai Makaripe Dec. 23, 2023

When silent love, resilience win the day

Curious to understand their enduring love story, NewsDay travelled to the middle-density suburb for a chat.
By Tendai Makaripe Jan. 6, 2024

Zim failing children with disabilities

Tatenda's plight, unable to attend school due to physical frailty, reflects a common issue in many rural areas.
By Tendai Makaripe Jan. 12, 2024