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Zanu PF trap set, beware

Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa was cognisant of the misunderstanding between the two splinter factions but still went ahead to release the funds.
Chinamasa was aware that each faction has some sitting MPs; Ncube’s has 22 while Morgan Tsvangirai’s boas

ts 18, meaning funds should have been split on the basis of parliamentarian representation.
This clearly shows that Zanu PF is trying to weaken the Tsvangirai faction by depriving it of its dues, which is tantamount to sabotaging the national congress scheduled for mid-March.

My advice to Tsvangirai is: don’t be intimidated by these dirty tactics. If possible, fill all the vacancies left by the rebel faction during the congress.

Allow genuine members of the MDC to contest any seat they wish, provided they are eligible to do so. Remember the MDC has got millions of supporters who have suffered for the past 26 years. We should not be misled by a splinter grouping which is being used by Zanu PF.
What has participation in the senate poll achieved to date? What has it done to stop corruption, skyrocketing prices, inflation, and deteriorating standards of health and education? The list is endless.
We should not fall into the same trap which snared PF-Zapu. Where is it now? How many cabinet ministers from it  hold powerful posts? The ball is in our hands.

Food for thought,

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