Emergination Africa business contest puts Education 5.0 to test

Since its inception four years ago, Emergination Africa and its partners have assisted 13 business ventures, born from students’ ideas, come into fruition.
By Kennedy Nyavaya Sep. 22, 2023

An analysis of economic outlook for August 2023

There is a consensus among monetarists that parallel market exchange premia should not exceed 20% for stability to hold.
By Zvikomborero Sibanda Sep. 15, 2023

Letters: Zim suffers brain drain due to fragile political environment, faltering economy

Independent estimates, however, show that over three million Zimbabweans are living abroad and citizens continue to leave the country.
By Amh Voices Aug. 24, 2023

15 die during Heroes/ZDF holidays, as fatal accidents surge

Despite a decrease in the total number of accidents this year from 163 recorded during the same period in 2022 to 132, the number of fatal accidents rose three-fold to 12.
By Kennedy Nyavaya Aug. 17, 2023

Satewave churns out power solutions for Zim

Satewave Technologies director Xiao Feng said the company has several solar solutions to address the current power challenges.
By Staff Writer Aug. 15, 2023

Don’t compute own inflation figures, accountants warned

The blended inflation is presently used by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStat).
By Melody Chikono Aug. 11, 2023

Mushikashika menace costing lives

(Zimstat) data points at a total of 474 deaths and 2 386 injuries recorded from 12 588 accidents that occurred during the first quarter of this year.
By Kennedy Nyavaya Aug. 6, 2023

10,4% jump in cost of living: ZimStat

The rising cost of living has been driven by a number of factors which include inflation, currency depreciation and economic instability.
By Sharon Buwerimwe Aug. 4, 2023

Letters: Let’s make Zim agric, mining sectors work again

However, for deficit-producing regions, own-produced stocks will be short-lived due to low production.
By Amh Voices Aug. 2, 2023