Govt must walk the talk on civil servants’ salaries

The workers have flagged government's half-hearted approach and its unwillingness to call a roundtable on the working conditions of its workers.
By Newsday Mar. 15, 2024

College lecturers flag govt over poor salaries

“The delay in implementing the provisions of the Act has resulted in lecturers earning negative salaries as of the last quarter of 2023.
By Brent Shamu Feb. 13, 2024

Teachers demand US$700 salary

Taderera told NewsDay that government should improve the salaries before schools open next year.
By Nizbert Moyo Dec. 18, 2023

Living wage not equivalent to minimum wage

Failure to pay what workers are legally entitled to is wage theft, where employers will be taking money that belongs to their employees and keeping it to themselves.
By Emmanuel Zvada Jul. 25, 2023

US dollar salary payment practices survey results

Our goal was to gain insight into the prevalence of paying salaries in US Dollars and how these payments were partitioned between US dollars and Zimdollars.
By Memory Nguwi Jun. 2, 2023

Govt must act sensibly on civil servants wages

Civil servants unions have rightly asked: “How can administrators enforce a good work ethic on the juniors who earn more than them?”
By Newsday Apr. 24, 2023

‘I quit teaching to pick waste for a living’

The conference was organised by Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights.
By Silas Nkala Mar. 11, 2023

Social dialogue and effectiveness of tripartism in Zimbabwe

Social dialogue at the national level —in other words, at the peak level — takes a variety of forms, mechanisms and names.
By Samuel Wadzai Feb. 12, 2023

No migration of pensioners to Ecosure - Nssa

Nssa had a partnership with Econet Life, which was terminated by the state-owned pension scheme last year. 
By Kudzai Kuwaza Feb. 3, 2023