Suspected diamond parcel thieves back in court

Waita is a security supervisor at Anjin Investments stationed at RGM International Airport, while Muripa is a detective constable attached to the same airport.
By Trevor Mutsvairo 19m ago

A ‘special’ code unlocks hidden healthcare for Johanne Marange women

Scores of Johanne Marange Apostolic women, including children, have died while giving birth owing to lack of medical care.
By Miriam Mangwaya Jun. 12, 2024

South Africans have nobody to blame, but themselves!

If this narrative is accepted, the only acceptable black families are those who pay homage to the Oppenheimers (mining) and the Ruperts (grocery chains). 
By Kenneth Mufuka Jun. 9, 2024

5 Chinese nationals fined over illegal cremation exercise

Prosecutor Mandirasa Chigumira told the court that on May 20, 2024, a Chinese national , Huang Tian Song died at Trauma Centre, Borrowdale, Harare. 
By Trevor Mutsvairo Jun. 7, 2024

Importance of fiscal transparency

In other words, accountability is accepting responsibility for honest and ethical conduct towards others.
By Zvikomborero Sibanda Jun. 7, 2024

NPAZ moves to protect witnesses in high profile cases

There is currently no stand-alone whistleblower  legislation in Zimbabwe, much less any mechanism specifically aimed at guaranteeing the protection of witnesses.
By Desmond Chingarande Jun. 6, 2024

Bikita Minerals fret over player exodus

Bikita Minerals have already suffered the consequences of that excellent start to season after their coach Saul Chaminuka was snapped up by GreenFuel last month.
By Henry Mhara Jun. 5, 2024

Fans react to Master H aborted trip fiasco

Master H extended his heartfelt apologies to his fans who were eagerly looking forward to his performance.
By Nyasha Gorogodo May. 26, 2024

Diamond thieves nabbed after spending spree

Marutya remanded the suspects Silas Chirume (54), Edward Jacob Gunda (62), Maison Phiri (37), Steven Wahita (56) and Isaac Muripa (37) to June 14 on US$150 bail each.
By Trevor Mutsvairo May. 16, 2024