New ‘gold mafia’ film torches storm

It has since emerged that villagers who testified in the documentary have gone into hiding after receiving death threats from unknown persons.
By Kenneth Nyangani Mar. 24, 2024

SA political parties ignore rural communities’ needs

The communities’ demands for benefits from natural resources are supported by South Africa’s constitution.
By Emmanuel Koro Mar. 8, 2024

Why do SA political parties ignore environment in their manifestos?

Prof. Child said that while countries like Namibia and Zimbabwe have proactive policies to promote the wildlife economy, especially on private and communal lands.
By Emmanuel Koro Feb. 2, 2024

Tempers flare over trapped Redwing miners

The shaft in the Tsapauta area was said to be in a tribute operated by individuals. who use artisanal miners to carry out the gold-mining activities.
By Kenneth Nyangani Jan. 7, 2024

How African markets are defining, expanding nature-based food systems

Every African country has booming indigenous markets where most smallholder farmers get their income, and most low-income consumers get affordable food.
By Charles Dhewa Dec. 6, 2023

Communities and wildlife conservation

Recently at the Kunming-Montreal Agreement held in December 2022, countries agreed to commit to the reduction of biodiversity loss by 30%.
By Tichakunda Maposa Apr. 6, 2023

Mining sector needs fundamental transformation

Revenue from the exploitation of natural resources is not only used to sustain militias, but also for personal enrichment and building political support.
By Vince Musewe Mar. 16, 2023

Feature: Africa’s natural resources and illicit trade

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, Africa contains 30% of the world's mineral  reserves, 8% of natural gas reserves and 12% of oil reserves.
By Enos Denhere Feb. 24, 2023

Letters: Only free, fair elections can send ED packing

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) should stick to the “no voters roll, no election” policy.
By Amh Voices Jan. 17, 2023