Govt disowns ‘King Munhumutapa’

However, Local Government and Public Works minister Daniel Garwe has disowned Chiminya saying he is an impostor since the Constitution had no provision for a monarch.
By Problem Masau May. 14, 2024

‘King Munhumutapa’ warns govt officials

In March, Chiminya presided over the installation of Julius Chimbi Chigegwe and Servious Piki as Chiefs Chirumanzu and Hama respectively.
By Stephen Chadenga May. 12, 2024

Munhumutapa vows to eradicate chieftainship disputes

Chiminya presided over the installation of Chief Mawarire in Mwenezi on Tuesday this week.
By Stephen Chadenga Apr. 11, 2024

King Munhumutapa strikes again

Chiminya yesterday confirmed installing Piki as Chief Hama.
By Stephen Chadenga Mar. 30, 2024

Muckracker: Imagine ruling without an excuse for failure

“Well, this is massive. A great vindication of President Mnangagwa’s foreign policy,” Nick Mangwana posted, his excitement palpable.
By Muckracker Mar. 8, 2024

Letter to my people: Tshabangu has shown his true colours

After declaring himself interim secretary general, Sengezo Tshabangu has gone a step further to impose himself as a senator for Bulawayo.
By Doctor Stop It Feb. 11, 2024

Al Jazeera is showing them flames

We had Joji acting like a bull in a china shop threatening journalists who cover the embarrassing revelations by Al Jazeera with imprisonment.
By Doctor Stop It Apr. 2, 2023

New golf tourney launched

ZGA president Martin Chikwana said the upcoming tournament will carry the order of merit points which are used to select players to the national team as well as WAGR points.
By Kudakwashe Gahadzikwa Feb. 17, 2023

Open letter to RBZ governor . . .unpacking the gold coins from the land of Ophir

In the video, the image of Nyakasikana comes to life and starts singing a lamentation, or is it a dirge?
By Bart Mukucha Oct. 2, 2022