Inside Tsvangirai’s Valentine’s Day tragedy... as widow Elizabeth breaks silence

Tsvangirai’s death anniversary messages on Wednesday this week ran neck and neck with the Valentine’s Day messages on most social media platforms,
By Rex Mphisa Feb. 17, 2024

There is neither second republic nor new dispensation

Consequently, your quest for Zimbabwe's reclamation of her influential position in world affairs warrants you to introspect.
By Cyprian Muketiwa Ndawana Feb. 7, 2024

A tumultuous political journey in dates

Chamisa was elected president of the MDC Alliance at the party’s May 2019 congress. MDC Alliance was a coalition that was formed to fight the first post Robert Mugabe elections a year earlier.
By Mirriam Mangwaya Feb. 4, 2024

Editorial: Chamisa must pause and reflect

Zanu PF was intent on creating a one-party state and it demonstrated that after one of its own Edgar Tekere formed ZUM following his expulsion in 1988.
By The Standard Feb. 4, 2024

PUP leader pushes for GNU talks despite Mnangagwa's reported resistance

However, he stated that Zimbabwe's deteriorating economic situation demands solutions beyond partisan victories.
By Staff Reporter Jan. 12, 2024

Tsvangirai created the mess, says Tshabangu

He was trying to make a link between CCC and MDC Alliance, which he claims birthed the Nelson Chamisa-led party.
By In Conversation With Trevor Dec. 10, 2023

In Conversation With Trevor: Mukonori says Mnangagwa, Chamisa need to talk

There is the sophistication side of our being, and there is the rumble side of our being; meaning to say because I am a theologian I resort sometimes naturally to Biblical issues.
By In Conversation With Trevor Oct. 1, 2023

A colossus with feet of clay

The party that popularised the red colour and made change the famous buzzword is exiting the scene amid claims it was now cosying up to the party it was supposed to dislodge, Zanu PF.
By Newsday Sep. 11, 2023

Where do Zimbabwean politics die?

The intricacies of political manoeuvres, be they legal battles, strategic calculations, or the pursuit of key institutions, demand an astute comprehension of the political environment.
By Sharon Hofisi Sep. 1, 2023