Club East Point hosts Black History Month concert

Ras Jabulani, who is also the event organiser, told NewsDay Life & Style that celebrations will spill over to Saturday when all roads lead to Sorrel Restaurant and Lounge.
By Khumbulani Muleya Feb. 23, 2024

Only enlightened women can find themselves in power: Jenje-Makwenda

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Jenje-Makwenda, who is also the director and producer of the documentary, said she had documented women since 1984.
By Daisy Jeremani Dec. 6, 2023

Female frogs appear to fake death to avoid unwanted advances, study shows

But the research suggests this may not be the case. “Females in these dense breeding aggregations are not passive as previously thought,” Dittrich said.
By The Guardian Oct. 11, 2023

2023 Presidential Candidates profiles

78-year-old Gwinyai is the younger brother of the late former politician. He was elected party leader in 2017, after a “seven-year mourning period” following the death of the UANC founder in 2010.
By Newsday Aug. 19, 2023

World View: Ukraine: The counter-offensive begins

“Some of them will and some of them won’t” is the standard assumption based on the past year’s fighting
By Gwynne Dyer Jun. 16, 2023

World View: UN climate report: Clutching at straws

It was formally adopted by the IPCC only five years ago, but it’s already too late to stop the warming short of +1,5°C.
By Gwynne Dyer Mar. 31, 2023

Earthquakes and the blame

 Strong concrete floors and vertical columns separating them, both steel-reinforced, cost a bit more, of course, but they keep your people alive. If you live in an earthquake zone, that’s what you do.
By Gwynne Dyer Feb. 17, 2023

Exploring our grey

I remember when my mother told me about her narrow escape to Harare from our rural home in Chihota during the liberation war era
By Grace Chirenje Feb. 3, 2023

Zim artiste headlines Irish Black History Month expo

The former Avondale Primary School student said a Greek instrumentalist, who has been a professional music tutor since 1999.
By Moses Mugugunyeki Oct. 26, 2022