A case for future economic planning

This requires growing the economy from the 2018 levels of about US$18 billion to US$65 billion by 2030.
By Victor Bhoroma Sep. 29, 2023

Shake-up looms in state depts

Mnangagwa also brought in several new faces to the line-up of ministers appointed to head provinces.
By Freeman Makopa Sep. 15, 2023

High debt stifles growth: Zimcodd

An economic crisis back home has hampered Zimbabwe’s efforts to service its debt obligations.
By Tinashe Kairiza Sep. 8, 2023

Reversing the de-industrialisation scourge

Zimbabwe's industrial sector remains highly diversified, comprising of 94 sub-sectors, producing about 6 000 products.
By Sekai Nzenza Jul. 14, 2023

Trading in raw commodities generates more knowledge than processed food

This can trigger appropriate investments to sustain maximum production. In such production zones, gluts cause much physical wastage as well as economic losses due to suppressed prices.
By Charles Dhewa Jun. 21, 2023

Did war vets collapse Zimdollar?

At the time of the GI Bill’s passing, approximately 70% of universities and vocational training college attendees, were US veterans whose fees were being paid by the US government.
By Amh Voices Jun. 3, 2023

Hefty taxes a heavy toll on business

Over US$42 billion had been wiped out through mismanagement a decade earlier, after inflation surged to a terrifying 500 billion percent in 2008
By The Zimbabwe Independent Mar. 31, 2023

Impact of economic instability on society

The vison further entailssustained growth in nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from the rebased 2018 levels of US$25 billion to over US$65 billion in 2030.
By Victor Bhoroma Mar. 24, 2023

Happy International Day of Happiness

It is an environment that allows people to realise their dreams and to define who they are with limited impediments.
By Tapiwa Gomo Mar. 20, 2023