Government pledges land to Vapostori

The traditional leaders in the area ordered the church to begin constructing permanent structures at the Matihwa Shrine.
By Staff Reporter 9h ago

Bosso boss Byo derby

The Ninjas got a chance to equalise a minute into the second half, but Leroy Ndlovu's close range effort went wide from a Godfrey Muchenje cross.
By Fortune Mbele Jul. 22, 2024

Basic overview of the ministry of John the Baptist

He was to make his audience change their mindset (repent) according to Matthew 3:2, “And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”
By Erasmus Makarimayi Jul. 20, 2024

Divine insight: False expectations: Avoiding misinterpretation

The misinterpretation of the vision caused anger in his brothers and blinded them to what God wanted to do.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Jul. 14, 2024

DivineInsight: Bread of affliction : Labouring in vain

So the Bible is saying that the blessing of God does not add sorrow. Some  that are wealthy are frustrated and sorrowful, why?
By Humphrey Mtandwa Jul. 7, 2024

Chief Koti urges Africa to ramp investment in youths

Chief Koti, as he is affectionately known, made these remarks during public engagements and meetings while on a visit to Lusaka in Zambia recently.
By Style Reporter Jul. 7, 2024

Loneliness and faith

The Torah inserts a long preface to this story: it takes the first ten chapters of Bamidbar.
By Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Jun. 30, 2024

Issachar's wisdom: Keys to wealth transfer

God is the one who prospers His people, and the reason He gives you wealth is to establish His covenant, as He swore to your fathers.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Jun. 30, 2024

How to become a water walker

Another powerful truth that is essential for the miraculous is that you have to be willing to get out of the boat before you walk on water.
By Doug Mamvura Jun. 30, 2024