How communication can save people from climate extremes

A continent that is used to high temperatures, which this time around could be even much higher.
By Peter Makwanya Jul. 24, 2023

South Koreans become younger under new age-counting law

Another counted everyone as ageing by a year every first day of January instead of on their birthdays.
By Bbc News Jun. 28, 2023

Renewed dynamism of Chinese economy a pivotal driving force for Asian recovery, integration

This is one latest epitome of the vibrant Asian economic recovery after China optimized its epidemic prevention and control measures.
By Xinhua News Apr. 7, 2023

Half of the passengers on 2 flights from China had COVID: report

The two flights of sick passengers arrived at Malpensa Airport from China on Monday, Bloomberg reported.
By New York Post Dec. 29, 2022

Beijing seeks ASEAN support for dominance in South China Sea

According to The Singapore Post amid all this China is involved in disputes with countries around the South China Sea
By Ani News Dec. 10, 2022

Cambodia needs to tread cautiously in defending China and its debt diplomacy: report

It is widely believed that a secret agreement between Cambodia and China allows the latter to use some facilities for military purposes.
By Ani News Nov. 22, 2022

South-East Asian Nations Show Red Card to China Through Economic Means

In short, the South-East Asian nations have shown a red card to China and its debt-trap tactics with full might.
By Ani News Sep. 25, 2022

Health talk: Animal bites can be very fatal

Worldwide, about 5 million people are bitten by snakes every year, the majority of whom are from Africa and South-East Asia.
By Johannes Marisa Sep. 4, 2022