The Continued Deception: Unmasking The True Face Of The CCP

This advice, reminiscent of the days of Soviet Russia, raises concerns about the naivety and sympathy displayed by certain foreign intellectuals, diplomats, and media figures.
By The Singapore Post Feb. 17, 2024

President Xi in a fix as protests sweep across China

China’s youth unemployment rate as high as nearly 20%.
By Asian Lite Jan. 31, 2024

Maldives must vary of Chinese friendship: Lessons from South Asia’s experiences

It is however not only Sri Lanka that paid the price for friendlier relations with Beijing, but the story remained consistent with other countries in the region as well.
By Jan. 25, 2024

CCP’s treacherous internal political situation

They view the eventual demise of the CCP as an inevitable historical outcome.
By Newsday Jan. 16, 2024

China’s disinformation campaign detrimental to global peace and stability

It is not Taiwan but several other countries blamed China for spreading disinformation to influence public opinion, manipulate election outcomes and build a pro-China narrative.
By The Hongkong Post Dec. 28, 2023

The tragedy of Women in Xi Jinping’s China

Women’s representation in Chinese politics and the subsequent scope for women-led policy initiatives has always remained low in the Party’s list of priorities.
By The Hong Kong Post Dec. 27, 2023

China pushes its hegemonic proposals on international stage

This recently released “reform and development of global governance” proposal emphasizes how Xi has moved from idea to action, from vision to reality.
By Ani News Sep. 26, 2023

TikTok used for disinformation campaign in Taiwan

China uses "united front" tactics, cognitive warfare and infiltration campaigns to divide Taiwanese society, and tries to sabotage the relationship between Taiwan and like-minded countries.
By Dailyhunt Mar. 23, 2023

Xi Jinping’s authoritarian rule is under question by its citizens: Report

It appears that his authoritarian rule is being questioned as the recent angry protests by the people across China over Xi’s Zero-Covid policy is a crucial development.
By Ani News Jan. 5, 2023