Football fans gear up to a season of excitement

MultiChoice Zimbabwe head of corporate affairs and public relations Charity Njanji said fans were gearing up to a season of excitement, as well as emotional highs and lows.
By Sports Reporter Jul. 13, 2024

MultiChoice secures exclusive broadcast for the 2024 Euros

UEFA Euro 2024 is being hosted by Germany from June 14 to July 14 and all matches will be screened on DStv live, with full build-up and review commentary, as well as match repeats.
By Sports Reporter Jun. 13, 2024

MultiChoice opens children’s content

DStv Lite customers could gain access through a short-term upgrade to DStv Access.
By Life & Style Reporter Apr. 18, 2024

DStv has a package for everyone: Njanji

Njanji noted that DStv Family and DStv Access bouquets are becoming increasingly popular in the Zimbabwean market.
By Life & Style Reporter Apr. 8, 2024

Africa Magic Viewers Awards voting opens

Hwede has taken part in other publications like Light a Candle, a collection of short stories and In the Wake of our Shadows,
By Life & Style Reporter Apr. 3, 2024

Odugbemi heads Africa Magic awards judges panel

The Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards are presented by MultiChoice to recognise outstanding achievements in film and television production in Africa.
By Life & Style Reporter Mar. 18, 2024

Pokémon Horizons: A treat for cartoon enthusiasts

In this captivating new series, viewers will dive into the wide world of Pokémon, following the adventures of a young girl, Liko from the Paldea region.
By Life & Style Reporter Mar. 14, 2024

A glimpse into the lives and minds of teenagers through Obstruction

However, getting there does not seem easy as she contends with challenges, she has to tackle head-on.
By Winstone Antonio Feb. 29, 2024

DStv in free subscriber package upgrade campaign

Charity Njanji said the campaign, which was introduced on January 15 and ends on March 31, allows subscribers to gain access to a wide range of viewing options.
By Winstone Antonio Feb. 12, 2024