Community trailblazers: Ex-footballer pioneers fat bulge treatment in Harare

Haddon Mutanda

HOW does a former footballer, who studied science subjects at A’ Level, end up owning an accounting firm in the United Kingdom and later pioneer a machine-driven fat bulge treatment business in Zimbabwe?

Iconic aesthetics owner Haddon Mutanda, a former Dynamos player, is as extraordinary as they come.

Unique in Zimbabwe is his cool sculpting business venture that destroys fat cells by freezing through low temperatures.

Mutanda’s desire to diversify and bring this new and exciting venture to Zimbabwe came after he went through the procedure in London himself.

And the benefits he now enjoys have spurred him to invest in Harare.

Childhood dreams to become a medical doctor were another big influence.

Based in Mt Pleasant in Harare, Iconic Aesthetics offers clients improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of abdominal muscles, and firming of buttocks and thighs.

The good news for all locals who are struggling to remove those visible fat bulges under the chin, jaw line areas, thigh, abdomen, buttocks is that cool sculpting is The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared.

According to its website, the FDA is a US agency responsible for protecting public health by regulating human drugs and biological products, animal drugs, medical devices, tobacco products, food (including animal food), cosmetics, and electronic products that emit radiation.

FDA approval of a drug means that the procedure is determined to provide benefits that outweigh its known and potential risks for the intended population.

In a matter-of-factly tone, Mutanda said that while the procedures were already available in key developed countries in Europe, he is the first to invest in Zimbabwe.

A procedure he  paid £4 200 for  in London,  he now  charges  $1 940 in Zimbabwe.

“We have taken the format of the procedure and business set up as it is in London, hence our mantra ‘we bring London to Harare’ ”

“Other key procedures include Cavitations, Cellulite Removal and Facial Wrinkle Removal.

The procedures are excellent at making a person look much younger and vibrant, Mutanda said.

“The procedure is non-invasive and uses the body’s own metabolism to remove killed fat cells within six weeks.”

He added that apart from weight loss the procedure helps in cancer incidence limitation.

The demand for services is overwhelming and the company now employs seven full-time staff including two managers.

“I am still based in the UK but we have a team that will report to me directly for operational guidance and investment support.”

The new Zimbabwean company has received requests to set up business in Nigeria and South Africa and has plans to do so by June 2023.

“Nigeria and South Africa are bigger markets compared to Zimbabwe and we will take these opportunities as soon as possible,” Mutanda said.

That’s the trailblazing journey of the former Seke 1 High head boy who ended up playing for Dynamos Juniors with soccer greats Memory Mucherahohwa and Simon Chuma.

He also played for Black Rhinos Under-18 team with the likes of Nesbert Saruchera and David Ndunduma where we won the Borna U18 league for the Northern Region.

“The team was so dominant, nine of us ended up being called up for Zimbabwe U-19 team to play Mozambique,” he said.

He was offered a football contract by Black Rhinos (Army School of Sports), but did not take it up because he wanted to study to be a medical doctor.

However, that dream to be a medical doctor vanished while he was doing his A’ Level.

“I was studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry in Lower Sixth and went to see my brother at a hospital,” Mutanda said.

“All I remember is seeing a lot of blood and suffering people.

At that point the sight of blood and suffering people killed his career dream.

After completing his A’ Level, he worked at Stanbic Bank and studied banking before migrating to the UK where he joined the NatWest Bank retail branch.

He then studied accountancy (ACCA) after working for Royal Bank of Scotland, Siemens and Cummins.

Three years ago he started his accountancy practice, with over 100 clients and registered a company called DHMT Accounting Ltd in the UK.

He had to use the UK accountancy as the “cash cow” to fund his business in Zimbabwe.

“I am not geared at all when it comes to borrowing, this is my distinct advantage,” he said.

Mutanda also aims to diversify into other businesses if opportunities arise.

His message to local start-ups is for them to brave the storm when any negativity comes.

“For what we believe in, we keep going because God will keep helping us,” he said.

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