Letter to my people: Desperation for votes has reached ridiculous levels

Evelyn Ndlovu

My Dear People

NGWENA has been telling everyone who cares to listen (and those who don’t want to be bothered) that his party, which is now poorer without Baba’s profound  wisdom, will leave no one behind.

That deception was laid bare recently by one of his minions in his clueless regime, Daniel Garwe (another from the crocodile clan) who said that only those who support Ngwena and his party will benefit from national projects.

For good measure, Garwe added that Zanu PF is Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is Zanu PF.

This is the same moron who said that  everything in the  country including the courts and security forces are Zanu PF.

“However, we have had a few people complaining that the projects should not benefit Zanu PF youths only.

“Zimbabwe is Zanu PF and Zanu PF is Zimbabwe, hence projects will go on.

“We will continue until they call for the removal of sanctions.

“These illegal sanctions have stalled our progress as we cannot build our country in the way we want,” he declared at a meeting with party supporters in Murehwa.

 Such is the sense of entitlement that the likes of Garwe think they now own the country.

Forget about the  coup that removed Gushungo being about restoring order as it was ridiculously claimed.

No!!!! It was done so that Ngwena and his cohorts will continue to feast and accumulate wealth of obscene levels while the majority wallow in poverty and despair. Munopenga!!!!

Ngwena’s desperation for votes in this year’s election, when he will lock horns against the popular Mukomana, has reached ridiculous levels.

Not content with violating schoolchildren by using them as political fodder for his selfish political end with forming the grouping Virgin Voters for ED, his party is now trying to indoctrinate the police to force them to vote for him and his useless party which has brought about a dispensation of despair, poverty and prolonged hours of darkness on a daily basis.

Police officers attending training ahead of this year’s elections are  not only being forced to vote for Ngwena and his decrepit outfit, but also to cripple campaigns by Mukomana and his party.

Hehehede kkkkk.

Never in Gushungo’s 37 years of telescopic leadership was he as  desperate as Ngwena.

The majority  in the police force  are struggling to make ends meet  as three-digit inflation erodes their incomes along with deplorable working conditions without  adequate  resources.

That is what Ngwena should be focusing on rather than forcing  police to parrot useless party  ideology, which does not bring food to their tables.

He will find that providing for the basic needs of the police force will be more convincing than violating their freedom of choice by coercing them to attend mindless lectures on their bastardised version of patriotism on empty stomachs.

In this election year one would  have expected Ngwena and his party to have started implementing its promise which it first  made in 2018 for free education.

However, as the effects of the euphoria amidst the smell of the gunpowder of 2017 fades rapidly and reality begins to set in, that is a promise that is increasingly being exposed for the hogwash that it is.

This week government admitted failure to fund education and that exposed its earlier free education pledge as pie in the sky.

At a high-level policy dialogue organised by the United Nations Children’s Fund and attended by representatives from various embassies, Primary and Secondary Education minister Evelyn Ndlovu and her secretary Tumisang Thabela begged for financial assistance from donors and well-wishers to resolve the crisis bedevilling the education sector.

Such is the nature of the so called Second Repubric of selling  bottled smoke kkkkk.

Ngwena’s showing in the 2018 election is clearly giving him sleepless nights as he tries to give the impression of his generosity.

His garrulous spokesman Nick recently  tweeted  the number of schemes under Ngwena that will have been or will soon be introduced as the septugenarian leader attempts to improve on his narrow 50,6% win five years ago.

These include the Presidential Climate proofed Input Scheme, the  Presidential Blitz Tick Grease Scheme, the Presidential Goat Scheme, the Presidential Poultry Scheme and the Presidential Community Fisheries Scheme.

This of course is on top of the preposterously named special presidential bonus given to civil servants last year.

This is meant to make the country's citizens believe that the money for all of these schemes is coming out of Ngwena’s pocket when it is actually being funded by the  taxpayer.


Gone are the days when people would be enticed by such deception. If there  are so many presidential programmes for  the  suffering masses how is it that poverty in the country has actually  been on the increase?

Just how does nearly half the country's population face starvation when Ngwena has so many presidential programmes running with more in the offing?

It points to one thing and that is deception on an industrial scale.

Some enterprising Zimbabweans are taking advantage of the Lacoste cabal leader’s desperation for reelection to set up organisations that are purported affiliates of Zanu PF with the hope of accessing the feeding trough.

The latest organisations to be formed are Malayitsha 4ED and Hairdressers for ED.

For the uninitiated, malayitshas are cross-border transporters that are notorious for human trafficking and smuggling.

Obviously, the cunning boys have found a way of evading those police roadblocks and it would be folly for Ngwena to bank on them for votes.

They may not even be registered voters!


Gushungo Chete Chete!

Chatunga Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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