When Aleksandar Mitrovic attacked a referee


Football teams don’t get red cards every match. Right now to bet online is easy on 1xbet.ug, where you can also wager on whether someone will get a yellow or a red card. However, on the 19th of March 2023, Fulham had a red card festival in an FA Cup against Manchester United.


In the 72nd minute of the match, not one, not two, but three people from Fulham got red cards in a single minute. They were:


  • Willian;
  • manager Marco Silva;
  • and Aleksandar Mitrovic.


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A festival of red cards

All the situation began a few minutes before. United had a shot that went straight to the goal. However, Brazilian footballer Willian blocked it with his arm. Referee Chris Kavanagh didn’t see the situation well-enough at first. However, after checking the VAR, he decided to show the Brazilian a straight red card. Even worse for Fulham, they had a penalty kick against themselves. You can also bet live now on 1xbet.ug/live/, where penalties, red cards and other occurrences can be wagered.


However, here is when the match descended into chaos. Kavanagh checked the VAR. A few seconds later, he began walking towards where most players were located. He hadn’t shown the red card yet to Willian, but it was clear that this was going to be his decision. Make a live bet now on the 1xBet website, where wagers on all kinds of occurrences are always available.


It was here that Mitrovic approached the referee and confronted him. From his body language, it was clear that he wasn’t precisely declaring his love for the official. After telling a few words to his face, Mitrovic also decided to slightly push Kavanagh away. Needless to say, the referee also decided to show a straight red to the Serbian forward too. In less than 60 seconds, Fulham was down to nine players and without their coach.

What happened after the incident

First of all, United easily turned the match around and eventually won it 3-1. The website 1xBet offers free online slots Uganda, and they can also be played while waiting for another red card festival.


After the contest, all eyes were put on Mitrovic and what the FA could decide. After all, physically attacking a referee can result in a huge punishment. A few days after the incident, the disciplinary action for the Serbian forward became known. He would be suspended for a total of eight matches.


This overall punishment was given after Mitrovic was declared guilty of two things. The first of all was using offensive language against the referee. The second aspect was the physical attack itself. The 1xBet Uganda platform is offering free online slots, which can be used before other incidents between players and referees take place.



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