Low-cost MaishaCare medical aid scheme set to bring relief to many


Leading health insurer Maisha Health Fund recently launched a new, ultra-low-cost medical aid scheme in a move that will make healthcare affordable to more people, especially to low-income clients.

The medical cover, known as MaishaCare, will offer primary care from as little as US$5 per month to allow customers access to a network of doctors, emergency procedures and treatment for non-chronic conditions.

Maisha Health, owned by EcoCash Holdings Zimbabwe Limited, said the medical aid cover would cater for physical consultations, prescription drugs, online consultations through Dial-a-Doc, access to private emergency rooms, government and mission hospitals, road ambulance as well as health tips.

In addition, the service will also provide health tips and ambulance cover through a partnership with MARS and Maisha Health.

“Access to basic healthcare is a major necessity for all Zimbabweans and to augment our current services, we have created this bundle that will allow one to get consultation remotely on their mobile phone,” said EcoCash Holdings chief executive officer Eddie Chibi at the launch of the scheme recently, adding that it would also provide road ambulance evacuations through MARS.

He said MaishaCare would be accepted at council, government and mission hospitals, as well as at selected private healthcare service providers nationwide.

Clients will be conveniently able to pay their monthly premiums — from as low as US$5 — through their EcoCash USD wallet.

They will also have the option to pay their premiums via a bank deposit or at their nearest Econet shop.

To join MaishaCare medical aid cover, one should simply dial *147# and register, from anywhere in Zimbabwe, through their mobile phone.


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