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Benefits, risks of artificial intelligence

The world’s richest person Elon Musk has announced, as a massive danger, his belief that within two years Artificial Intelligence will exceed that of human beings.
By David Harrison May. 12, 2023

Education, AI and the economy

Students will need assistance in interpreting the information provided, which is usually aimed at seeking further information for payment.
By David Harrison Jul. 21, 2023

How far can lies go?

It has been found that, in Western cultures a focused look in the eyes from the other party does not so much indicate honesty, but is more likely to be associated with deception.
By David Harrison Nov. 10, 2023

Lies, detection and rejection?

Bankman-Fried is in court as I write, having defrauded multiple billions of US dollars from his Ponzi afflicted superrich investors.
By David Harrison Dec. 1, 2023