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SA’s dance music craze, amapiano, could conquer the world

The question is, to what extent will this be a limiting factor in amapiano’s ascendancy to higher levels?
By The Conversation Nov. 6, 2022

Bulawayo’s Glory found new ways to write about violence and peace

The hope is to create “the kind of glory that burns eternal and glows with living light”.
By The Conversation Nov. 29, 2022

Giving high school insight to teens helps them open up

Knowing when your teen could benefit from talking to a mental health practitioner or needs additional academic support at school and how to access those supports is essential.
By The Conversation Jan. 14, 2023

Kenya introduced free maternal health services a decade ago - it’s been a success, saving lives

Most of these deaths can be prevented if women receive maternal health services.
By The Conversation Mar. 17, 2023

Bird flu: Nigeria is on major migratory bird routes, new strains keep appearing

Bird flu is scientifically known as avian influenza and the pathogenic form as highly pathogenic avian influenza
By The Conversation Mar. 17, 2023

Droughts bring disease: here are 4 ways they do it

Climate change projections show changes in temperature and rainfall extremes, especially without emissions reductions.
By The Conversation Mar. 17, 2023

Farms in cities: new study offers planners and growers food for thought

Other farmers noted that the integrated nature of the farming systems forced them to grow only a small selection of crops.
By The Conversation Mar. 17, 2023

SA’s scrap of special work permits, Zim migrants will be exposed

Holders could not change the conditions of the permit in South Africa. Similar exemptions were previously granted to people from Lesotho and Angolan refugees.
By The Conversation Apr. 28, 2023

Shaka Zulu is back in pop culture

He’s credited with elevating the Zulu from a fairly insignificant group, one among others, to a more unified “State”.
By The Conversation Jun. 17, 2023

Scam that cost Kenya billions of dollars in the 1990s and no one was jailed

This time his operation is allegedly being run through Zimbabwe from his base in Dubai.
By The Conversation Jun. 25, 2023

Elections can lead to conflict if they are not free and fair

Both may be politically and economically aligned or impartial. Aligned observers usually support their governments, organisations or funding agencies’ policies.
By The Conversation Jul. 2, 2023

Shepherd Ndudzo’s celebrated sculptures tell an untold history of southern African art

The work by the artist (born in 1978) was displayed as a celebration of the sculpture of Botswana, where he lives and works.
By The Conversation Oct. 29, 2023

The rise of African prophets: the unchecked power of the leaders of Pentecostal churches

Most charismatic pentecostal churches have an authoritarian governance structure built around their founding prophets — what one historian calls a “personality cult”.
By The Conversation Feb. 24, 2024

Jihadism in Mozambique: southern African forces are leaving with mixed results

The thinking was that they would eliminate the Al-Sunnah presence in its area of operation.
By The Conversation Apr. 3, 2024