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Cost cutting or cutting corners?

When he got home, he took out his old blanket and burnt it ready to use the new blanket for the night.
By Kaynos Chipangura Nov. 4, 2022

Accountant’s role in OROs and FROs

The emotional and or sentimental side of things comes up frequently in those who birthed and nursed the business.
By Kaynos Chipangura Nov. 25, 2022

The accountant: Every company’s Atlas

The story was somehow twisted to end up with the enduring image of a man carrying the globe on his back.
By Kaynos Chipangura Dec. 23, 2022

Budgeting for trouble

The ticketing process involved the conductor manually noting the pick-up points, destinations and sometimes registrable luggage for each passenger.
By Kaynos Chipangura Jan. 27, 2023

Working or walking capital

Entities often go out to look for working capital and the world abounds with statements such as “capital injection”.
By Kaynos Chipangura Feb. 17, 2023

Trust or control? Which tool to use for business

To manage the rigorous expectations, she engaged people she knew from her past and also those with good referrals.
By Kaynos Chipangura Mar. 17, 2023

Glasses, graphs do not make a consultant

The process involved the use of reagents which the same consultants claimed ability to provide at better quality than a well-known global supplier.
By Kaynos Chipangura Jul. 21, 2023