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Emmanuel Koro

Emmanuel Koro

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Sadc yet to act upon Cites ivory trade ban

Koro is a Johannesburg-based international award-winning environmental journalist who writes on environment and development issues in Africa.
By Emmanuel Koro Oct. 28, 2022

What’s wrong with Cites?

Nothing at all, if judged by other UN agencies.
By Emmanuel Koro Dec. 8, 2022

What’s wrong with the UN’s Cites?

It isn’t, but the issue enhances the NGOs’ money-raising capabilities.
By Emmanuel Koro Dec. 9, 2022

Wildlife communities’ voices must be heard

It is here where the world is given a new lens to catch a rare glimpse of the little-known, stunning and mind-set-changing international hunting benefits.
By Emmanuel Koro Jan. 12, 2023

Feature: Why trophy hunting will never stop in Africa despite opposition

As along as international hunting continues to bring socio-economic and conservation benefits to Africa, nothing will stop it
By Emmanuel Koro Feb. 23, 2023

Inside Botswana communities’ 21st century international hunting windfall

Without it, Botswana hunting communities would have never known what it feels like to democratically determine how to meet their own socio-economic needs.
By Emmanuel Koro Mar. 16, 2023

Is Sadc ready to unlock wildlife’s trade value?

Instituting new legal means of trading ivory would create opportunities to put poachers, illegal ivory trade syndicates and the animal right groups fundraising industry out of business.
By Emmanuel Koro Apr. 6, 2023

Feature: Camilla gets it right on carrying ivory rod — anti-ivory use groups don’t

In an interview, Botswana Chieftainess Rebecca Banika said, “It’s indeed a good move for the Queen of England to show support for the need to use wildlife products such as ivory.
By Emmanuel Koro Apr. 21, 2023

Will Queen Camilla buckle under pressure from anti-ivory activists?

“We find the demand by the animals rights groups that Queen Camilla should not use  an historic ivory rod as totally unreasonable,” said chairman of the  Southern Africa Community Leaders Network
By Emmanuel Koro Apr. 29, 2023

Feature: Sadc loses iconic conservationist

In an interview this week, former Campfire chairpersonand president of the Hwange Painted Dog Project, Jerry Gotora said Jonga succumbed to prostate cancer.
By Emmanuel Koro May. 11, 2023