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Beauty is a curse: Video vixen ‘Eriza’

Sultry video vixen, dancer and singer Lady Storm, aka Eriza, has revealed why she is not married. The dancer sensationally blamed her looks for her marital woes, declaring that “beauty” is a curse because it makes men insecure.

The multi-talented entertainer’s turbulent marriage to businessman Tinarwo “Mukanya” Gotora ended when he dumped her and walked out on her during the first lockdown period in 2020.

Eriza — real name Lyn Magodo — now blames her looks for the failure of the marriage, saying that 99% of Zimbabwean men do not want a wife who is too beautiful because they are too insecure.

Writing on her Facebook page, Eriza posted: “Beauty is a curse …Varume havaroore munhu akanaka esp vedu vekwaSadza ava …too much insecurity … unonzwa akuti haaa apa handisi ndega apa … ko waitwa sei nhai Giribeti?

She also said that most men prefer to go after women of average and below-average looks because they will be secure that they will not cheat on them. Lady Storm bemoaned that women who are not physically attractive end up being spoilt for choice as “99%”, while the attractive ones have to fight for scraps.

“Problem ine varume is that they don’t realise that they are all rushing to the other ladies vacho vasina kunyatsonaka vachitiza vakanaka vacho … Therefore vakanaka vacho vese varikusara vasina vanhu vakashata vacho ndovakutoita kusarudza kuti uyu no uyu yes … come to think of it 99% yevarume varipano mese mati moda vakadzi vakashata saka ndiani arikusara achidanana neakanaka?”

When another social media follower said that beautiful women are married by wealthy men, Lady Storm dismissed this saying they just get used.

“No … they are just being used and tossed afterwards.”

Responding to another follower, she stressed her earlier assertion that men don’t marry beautiful women: “Wangu varume havaroore munhu akanaka.”

Ironically, following the collapse of her marriage, Lady Storm was exposed to have lied about the paternity of her child. The entertainer had always insisted that Mukanya was the biological father of the child.

However, tests carried out by Tinashe Mugabe, and Global DNA Zimbabwe revealed that the father was South African-based car dealer Luckmore Pongolani.

Pongolani had no kind words for Lady Storm and insisted that she had been fleecing multiple men by claiming maintenance from them for the same child.

Said Pongolani: “I have just called you to clarify on my paternity row with Lady Storm, which has been raging on for the past three years.

“As I have always maintained from the start that DNA tests should be conducted, she has not been co-operating, insisting that Mukanya (Tinarwo Gotora), who was married to her, was the father since he provided for her needs before they split.

“She once came here (South Africa) and that’s when I realised she was also claiming money from another guy in South Africa called Denzel and another old man in Harare.

“It appears she had been having unprotected sex with other men at the same time and I am, glad that I am HIV negative otherwise it could have been another story.” — iHarare.

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