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Money Transfers to Zimbabwe from South Africa have never been easier

Cross-border payments refer to transactions where the sender and the receiver are in separate countries. Apart from transacting in different countries to purchase goods not available in the user’s own country, friends and families are sending funds in cross-border payments.

This is an option that was previously unexplored and conventional bank deposits not only cost a lot, but the banking infrastructure in many developing countries was underdeveloped, making it harder for people to receive money from friends and relatives.

However, with rapid development in payment gateways and mobile application technology, cross-border payments have changed the lives of many people who stay in rural communities or developing nations where conventional banking is difficult.

With payment processors such as Sikhona Money Transfers, money transfers to Zimbabwe and many other African countries have never been easier, providing unbanked individuals with the ability to send and receive funds from others who are based in South Africa and other regions.

Sikhona is a gateway to sending and receiving funds around the globe

Established in 2010 and partnered with other payment gateways such as Ria Money Transfers, Sikhona Money Transfers offers people fast, secure, affordable, and global ways through which funds can be sent and received safely.

Sikhona Money Transfers is a division of Sikhona Forex (Pty) Ltd and apart from its strategic partnership with Ria Money Transfers, Sikhona works alongside many other remittance partners to provide users with an easy way to send money abroad at competitive, affordable rates.

Anyone who is 18 years or older can register with Sikhona Money Transfers to take advantage of the superior service offered. To sign up for an account and to send money transfers to Zimbabwe, users need the following:

  • South African Identity Document or Card
  • Foreign Passport that is still valid
  • Asylum document

How to send Money Transfers to Zimbabwe

To start using the excellent, secure, and fast service of Sikhona Money Transfers to send funds to friends and loved ones in Zimbabwe, you can follow these easy steps:

  • Download the mobile application onto your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet from either the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.
  • Register by providing basic personal information and your residential information.
  • Upload a photo of your valid Identity Document and take a selfie of you holding up your ID document next to your face in a well-lit environment.
  • Wait for your registration to be processed and enter the username and PIN that is sent via SMS to the mobile number that you registered.
  • Select the option to “Send Money” from the Sikhona Money Transfers mobile application.
  • Select “New Beneficiary” and select “Zimbabwe” from the country options.
  • Select between “Cash” or “Mobile” Wallet. If you have chosen cash, you must select a pay-out partner in Zimbabwe close to your beneficiary and select the currency in which they will receive pay-out.
  • Select the type of cost between excluding/including the amount, or whether the transaction fees must be deducted from the transferred funds.
  • Lastly, select the amount to get the quote.
  • Once you have received the quote, you can proceed with your money transfer to Zimbabwe.

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