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The list of top basketball scholarships in South Africa

For students who are fond of basketball, there are many exciting opportunities for getting a scholarship. Many educational institutions are ready to support talented applicants with scholarships and grants. Various programs allow getting funds for studying in South Africa on the chosen faculty. To acquire scholarships, students have to follow the requirements, which vary depending on the grant type. The conditions could even be writing an essay or a personal statement to explain the student’s motivation.

Those applicants who are not sure they are ready to create a meaningful personal account go for an option to buy custom college essays and apply with such purposes to professional writing services. Such services are perfect for students who do not have enough time and skills to write a good essay or other paper.

Except writing essays, to get a scholarship, students have to complete tests, go through interviews, have a particular level of GPA, be involved in social projects, volunteering, etc. If you are interested in the TOP basketball scholarships in South Africa to consider, read the article below.

Wits Sport Bursary

A minimal number of scholarships are available for athletes annually from Wits sport. The funds are awarded to students after the query is given to a relevant sports officer. The finances for scholarships are coming from past alumni and athletes. The scholarship committee patiently selects candidates who must approve their purposes in terms of the scholarship.

Rattansi Education Fund

Some scholarships are ultimate and can be considered by students who seek basketball scholarships. Rattansi Education Fund offers one of such options. This scholarship allows students who need financial support to get funds for learning at public and private universities in Kenya. The scholarship is available for studying in more than 50 educational establishments.

MobilitySeeker Outdoor Sports Scholarship 2020

This scholarship is available for bachelor, high school students, PhDs, etc. The partial funds for USD 2,000 could be assigned to students of any nationality and available for any course you want. Among the main requirements for applicants are a cumulative grade point average non less than 3.2 and current enrollment into a chosen specialization.

BU Academic Excellence Scholarship

Students of all nationalities can get funds that partially cover studying on any course in Bournemouth University. To apply for scholarships, athletes need at least a bachelor’s degree. The amount of the scholarship is up to GBP 2,500. Note, the deadline for applications varies year by year,

Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries

There is an opportunity for students from developing countries, including South Africa, to get a scholarship that covers studying in the UK. The UK Department for International Development founded the program. The scholarship allows up to three hundred South African students to get additional funds for their studies. The candidates are selected by a scholarship committee, which considers the candidate’s academic merit and other criteria.


These were the TOP basketball scholarships in South Africa we consider worth your attention. We recommend you choosing several options and go through the requirements and rules more patiently. We wish you luck in applying for a scholarship!

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