Motor industry groups lock horns over constitution


THE Motor Industry Association of Zimbabwe and the Motor Industry Employers Association have locked horns over the administration of the groups by a secretariat using one constitution for the two entities.

Mbidzo, Muchadehama and Makoni, representing Isoquant Investment (Zimoco) contends that the Motor Industry Association of Zimbabwe is being run under a defective constitution while the Motor Industry Employers Association “has no known constitution”.

In a letter dated July 16, 2019, Mbidzo, Muchadehama and Makoni wrote to the Registrar of Labour, highlighting a range of irregularities.

“We act on behalf of Isoquant Investments, trading as Zimoco at whose instances we write. We have instructions to place before you several grievances which have been simmering at the employers’ association for several years but which have not been resolved to date,” the letter reads, in part.

“There are two employers’ association in the motor industry. The Motor Industry Association of Zimbabwe has a constitution, which is, however not registered with the Registrar of Labour. The Motor Industry Employers Association has no known constitution. It is common cause that both associations are run by the same secretariat. Our client has persistently raised concerns with this blurred structure.”

“If the Motor Industry Employers Association of Zimbabwe has no constitution, then where does it derive its rules, regulations, practices and procedures? Where do those who exercise authority derive their authority?

“The two organisations exist separately, but they operate as one. The   secretariat has not taken any steps to create clear lines of demarcation because for years it has thrived on the confusion.”

In a letter addressed to the registrar on August 7, 2019, Mawire J.T and Associates acknowledged Zimoco’s assertion.

“It is correct that the two organisations exist separately. It is also true that to some extent have been operating as one. This is, however, not by accident but by design. Further because this was a policy decision, it was not up to the secretariat but the policy makers to decide to completely separate the two,” Mawire J.T and Associates responded.

“It is important for the registrar to know that the Motor Industry Association of Zimbabwe (MIAZ) and Motor Industry Employers Association of Zimbabwe (MIEAZ) leadership recently resolved to separate the operations of the two associations and effect the necessary policy changes. We have since been given a mandate to assist in this regard. We will rely on the records from the two organisations and the ministry in this regard.”