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Fulfil election promises, Zanu-PF urged

Staff Reporter 
IDEAS Party of Democracy (IPD) president Herbert Chamuka has urged Zanu-PF to fulfil election promises that were promised during the run up to 2018 elections.

During 2018 election campaigns, the then Zanu-PF presidential candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa promised affordable health care, quality education, fighting corruption among other things.

Chamuka said he now fears 2023 elections will be marred by violence due to the failure of Zanu-PF to meet its end of the bargain.

“While we acknowledge that the ruling party was key in liberating the country, we are however disappointed with lies spread by the ruling party when they are campaigning.”

“Zanu-PF promised a middle class economy, dignified wages as well as enough resources and medication for our health system but we see a totally different story on the ground,” he said.

Chamuka said violence will likely to outburst due to election promises fulfilment failure.

“What will cause violence in during elections is that people will be disgruntled and they will be joining opposition parties and Zanu-PF will as usual respond through violence,” Chamuka said.

The IPD president said 2023 will be a game changer as he expects his party to be popular in opposition politics.

Chamuka said IPD is the hope for suffering Zimbabweans and the electorate must not be cheated into voting Zanu-PF again.

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