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A perfect beginner’s guide to start with bitcoin trading!

Investment is highly important nowadays as it is necessary to have a backup so that you can face any financial crisis easily. Cryptocurrency is getting highly popular as an investment as it is offering massive profits to people in minimum time. If we talk about cryptocurrency bitcoin is irrefutably the most valuable one in the market. Bitcoin trading is a profitable investment as you can use the highly volatile price of it to make some easy money. You can also learn about mining at https://bit-iq.io, through any website.

If you are new to bitcoin trading, you need to be careful and focus on gaining the skills and knowledge in the initial stage. There are some tips mentioned below, that you can read to become a pro bitcoin trader.

Keep an eye on the market

Buying bitcoins is not enough to make profits as bitcoin is a highly volatile currency and its prices change at a rapid pace. You need to be smart and make quick decision if you want to be successful in bitcoin trading. So, it is highly important to monitor the market after opening a trade so that you are well aware of all the ups and downs in the price of bitcoin and make the right trading decision at the right time. Every trader, opens a trade with an objective and if you want to know if the market is moving in favour of your objective or not, you need to keep an eye on it.

Following the market trends and monitoring the fluctuations will make it easier for you to predict the next change in the price of bitcoin. It will help you to make better trading decisions and minimize the losses to a great extent.

Follow the trends

There are several factors that affect the price of bitcoin but one of the most prominent one is trend. Trends are immensely crucial and helpful in predicting any price fluctuation in the bitcoin market and take advantage of it. Bitcoin price cannot be predicted but if you have good knowledge about the market conditions, trends and latest news you can take chance and most of the times things will turn into your favour.

One of the most crucial factors affecting the price of bitcoin is halving. Halving is when the reward amount for adding new transactions to the blockchain ledger are reduced to half. So, the less will be the reward, lesser that bitcoins will be created. So, when bitcoins will not be created, it supplies will decline while demand being constant, which will lead to an increase in the price.  It is the best time to buy bitcoin as its price will surely increase.

Learn to manage the risks

There is no investment with zero risk as if you want to make big profits, you will have to take bigger risks. Bitcoin is a risky investment but you can minimise the risks and increase your profits with effective risk management. There are several aspects that you need to involve in your risk management strategy and one of them is limits and stops. You must open a trade with a limit and when you reach that limit, you should close the trade.

Having clear stop losses and profits will keep you on the safe side and will help to minimize the losses to a great extent. You set the limits and when the market will start turning against you, the trade will be close automatically. Adding to it, you can also use price alerts which will notify you whenever there will be a drastic change in the price of bitcoin. You can also set it according to your needs and requirements and set any price.

Don’t run behind low prices

If you are buying bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, only because it is available at a cheaper price, it is a huge mistake. It is a common mistake made by beginners as low price easily attracts everyone. You should focus on the market cap instead of price as at the end it will bring your profits. For instance, a cryptocurrency priced at $6 with total number of 1 million shares is same to a coin price at $12 with 500000 shares in the market. So, instead of focusing on the price, you must focus on the market value and make your decisions accordingly.

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