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Ephemeral dreams, lost hope from clueless govt

WITH the crisis-hit country emerging battered and bruised from the brutal crackdown on the July 31 protests, President Emmerson Mnangagwa delivered an uninspiring address which left restive citizens more baffled than enlightened.

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In his typically unsophisticated fashion, Mnangagwa sought to deflect attention and responsibility from his incompetence and the rampant corruption that has eroded his government’s credibility.

He blamed basically everyone for all that has gone wrong in Zimbabwe—except himself.The long-suffering citizens, who sincerely expected Mnangagwa to spell out a cogent plan on how his administration meant to extricate the country from the economic maelstrom, were left dejected. The septuagenarian leader put up an uninspiring show that left everyone convinced that he is now beyond redemption.

“Those who promote hate and disharmony will never win. The bad apples that have attempted to divide our people and to weaken our systems will be flushed out. Good shall triumph over evil. We will defeat the attack and stop the bleeding of our economy. We will overcome attempts at the destabilisation of our society,” Mnangagwa said this week in his insipid televised address.

Just like his predecessor, the late president Robert Mugabe, Mnangagwa is a clueless strongman with no solution to the country’s man-made crisis. His answer to every problem is military deployment.


In another dull comedy, Douglas Mwonzora and Thokozani Khupe, who joined forces and were assisted by state security agents and the courts to eject Nelson Chamisa from MDC headquarters in central Harare, are now locked in a deadly duel for the control of the splinter group.

This week, there were reports that people associated with Mwonzora, who is the MDC-T secretary-general, shut out acting party president Thokozani Khupe and her loyalists from Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House (previously known as Harvest House) as power struggles intensify after the Zanu PF-controlled “opposition” outfit failed to convene an extraordinary congress to elect a substantive president on July 31.

Police last week barred Khupe from holding the elective congress — ordered by the Supreme Court in March — citing the spike in Covid-19 local transmissions and lockdown regulations which prohibit gatherings of more than 50 people.

As the drama played out, it demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that these clowns are not the answer which desperate Zimbabweans are looking for as the alternative to Mnangagwa’s hopelessly clueless and fantastically corrupt government.

The party is over

That is what United States senator Bob Menendez said to the Mnangagwa administration after Washington DC slapped targeted sanctions on Kudakwashe Regimond Tagwirei and his company Sakunda Holdings.

In full, Menendez said: “I join Zimbabweans in mourning those killed and injured protesting 2018’s flawed elections. To those using political repression to maintain power and rob Zimbabwean citizens through grand corruption, I hope the message is clear: the party is over.”

In a bid to downplay the sanctioning of Tagwirei and laughably insinuating that the move would hurt ordinary Zimbabweans, Nicole Hondo, who is believed to be government spokesperson Ndavaningi Mangwana hiding in queer drag, said Tagwirei will still go to bed on a full stomach.

Indeed he will, but it once again shows that the world is not buying into Mnangagwa’s tripe that his government represents a “new dispensation”. It also demonstrates that the millions of dollars Harare has paid Western public relations outfits to launder its soiled image abroad is money down the drain.

Tagwirei’s addition to the sanctions list and Menendez’s statement as well as that of the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (Ofac) brought to light the issues of gross human rights violations and high-level corruption which are ruining Zimbabwean lives.

The sanctions come at a time the country is commemorating the cold blooded murder of unarmed civilians by the security forces in broad daylight in the streets of Harare.

It also comes at a time citizens are re-awakening as symbolised by the online hashtag movement, #ZimbabweanLivesMatter, which has raised global consciousness on Zimbabwe’s catastrophic economic collapse, corruption and human rights violations.

General hospitals

When the news broke out that former military general Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga had been appointed Health minister, many took it as fake news, a bad joke.

When it sank in that the appointment was as real as Zimbabwean corruption, jokes began flying around, with some saying he has vast experience in medical matters—considering he is a chronic patient who has visited top hospitals in China and South Africa.

A witty citizen correctly observed that, since Health ministers who are qualified doctors have flopped in that portfolio, perhaps the time has come to appoint a patient for a change.

It is going to be a doctor-and-patient affair in that ministry, since Chiwenga is deputy Health minister John Mangwiro’s patient in real life and not in the make-believe world of scandalous job appointments.

Mangwiro is a respected physician, especially in the field of non-communicable diseases. The comedy does not end there. The new permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health, Air Commodore Jasper Chimedza, is also Mnangagwa’s doctor. Talk of jobs for the boys!

Chimedza saved him in November 2017 after he had been fired from government by the late former president Robert Mugabe. It is payback time.

Mnangagwa is said to have suffered stress-related oesophagitis and gastritis and the new permanent secretary, Chimedza, used his links to get him the best medical attention money can buy in South Africa.

The Health ministry, it seems has been taken over by the army—much like the country itself.

Those in support of the militarisation of civilian life, like the Norton legislator Temba Mliswa—who is now tired of masquerading as an “independent” MP and is now openly supporting his genocidal uncle Mnangagwa—said the appointment of Chiwenga and Chimedza is supposed to whip people in line.

In his words as communicated on Twitter, Mliswa said: “This country needs a dogmatic leader because democracy and its ideals such as freedom of speech we don’t accept. The indiscipline is too much. Mugabe had a peaceful reign because he was dogmatic in dealing with us.”

Mliswa added: “This is the approach that informs the appointment of VP Chiwenga. He is a dogmatic leader who brings order for progress. We need the military to keep us in check; we need tough people who will do things to advance the cause of the country.”

Such deluded claptrap from the excitable Mliswa is yet another reminder why Zimbabwe is now a fully-fledged banana republic. He shockingly thinks that the country’s citizens are children who need parenting from the likes of Chiwenga. With such moronic legislators, this country is doomed.

It is ironic that Chiwenga will superintend public hospitals he never uses as he flies out to China for check-ups. Brace for non-stop tragi-comedy.

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