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Trucks to expect in 2020

Andrew Muzamhindo

Zimbabweans love their trucks or pick-ups. Across the Limpopo they call them bakkies. Let us take a look at trucks expected to arrive in Zimbabwe in 2020.
Isuzu D-Max The tried and tested Isuzu is expected to launch the all-new D-Max with more power and more tech that will see it take the fight to Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger

Isuzu has developed the new truck as part of an engineering partnership with Mazda, which will base its new BT-50 on the same platform. The Mazda version will be on sale in 2021, a year after Isuzu.

The new D-Max features a more boldly styled appearance, with an oversized grille—dominated by two stylised horizontal slats at the top. Headlamps are reshaped too and around the rear there are stacked taillights.

There is no doubting it is a huge step up from its predecessor when it comes to off-road capability, engine output and interior comfort.I bet my bottom dollar the D-Max will experience massive growth in sales with this version, as it is certainly on the right track. Autoworld will definitely have it in stock.

P Series

GWM decided to take the big boys head-on with its new truck, stating that it will compete head-on with Toyota, Ford and other international mainstream pick-up brands in the global market. Its goal is to achieve annual sales of three million units by 2025.

The “P” in P Series stands for three things, according to GWM: Power, Peak and Perfect.GWM claims it will feature the comfort of a sedan, the off-road ability of an SUV, the recreational nature of a station wagon and the loading capability of a light truck.

It is equipped with the latest in automatic driving technology, including ACC, lane keeping assist, intelligent driving assistance and other advanced driver assist functions, and it may realize aided driving, environment awareness, programmed decision-making and other driver aid functions.

Zimoco has confirmed that the P Series is coming to Zimbabwe. It is equipped with an eight-speed automatic, a 2,0 litre turbo engine, TOD intelligent four-wheel drive, high-strength armoured body, the latest generation of Bosch version 9.3 ESP, 360 View, Rear View Camera, Lane Departure Warning, intelligent forward view and all-round radars.

Volkswagen Amarok V6

The all-new VW Amarok V6 manual is coming too. It will take aim at Ford Ranger.The Amarok V6 has been a favourite since its launch, but it is lacked three pedals and a dual-range transfer case… until now.

There is one downside, though, Amarok V6’s six-speed manual transmission only supports a de-tuned version of its hard-hitting 3,0-litre turbo-diesel unit. That said, 165kW/500Nm is still plenty.

Jeep Gladiator

After years of speculation, Jeep has officially launched a pick-up named Gladiator.The Gladiator will bear Russell Crowe’s stamp of approval and is sure to catch the attention of all truck lovers looking for a little bit of utility.

Either way, the Gladiator will stand out in the crowd thanks to its sheer enormity, helping it to dwarf key rivals on the road. Time will tell if it outsells them, too. If ever Zimoco were to stock it, it would fly off the showroom floors. If they do not, mark my word someone will import directly.

Ford Ranger

Ford has responded to customer feedback. The new Ranger will have small upgrades.On Wildtrak models there is a new 6-spoke alloy wheel design and redesigned Bi-LED headlights—which improve both illumination and appearance.

The Wildtrak’s loadbox shutter cover is now power-operated and can be controlled remotely via the key fob or a cabin switch. This is a notable improvement over the current manually operated cover and will greatly increase ownership convenience, especially if you are in a hurry and stopping to buy a load of braai wood next to the road.

Mitsubishi Triton

Mitsubishi has made some revisions across the Triton range, with an emphasis on improved off-road capability. We sample it in the Flinders Ranges.New features for MY20 Triton GLX and GLX+ models include the fitment of 245/70R16 Bridgestone Dueler all-terrain tyres, while the GLX+ also scores a standard rear diff lock (previously exclusive to the top-spec GLS Premium) and the fitment of a roof-mounted rear air circulator for better airflow inside the cabin.

Both GLX and GLX+ retain Mitsubishi’s Easy-Select 4WD.On the road, the Triton offers a more dynamic driving experience than many of its competitors. It is already at Zimoco.

Toyota Hilux

The Hilux has been part of Toyota’s commercial vehicles range since the late 1960s, and it has since garnered a reputation for versatility and dependability that means nobody bats an eyelid when they find that the fully-loaded trim level is dubbed “Invincible”.

All models will now have safety tech including forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking (AEB) with day-and-night pedestrian detection and day time cyclist detection, as well as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning with steering assistance and road sign assist.

These upgrades to the Hilux mean that it matches the Ford Ranger in offering AEB across its entire range, as well as adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning.All models are now in hi-rider spec.

Nissan Navara

Europe will get a Nissan Navara with an all-new six speed manual transmission and is the first application globally.The new transmission delivers a major improvement in ease of shifting and refinement, thanks to cable operation, adoption of a shorter gear lever, enhanced synchronisation and reduced vibration.

The new transmission features a more conventional shift pattern, with reverse gear located next to first, and new gear ratios for improved fuel efficiency and lower noise levels for highway driving.

There has also been further tuning of the 7-speed automatic transmission, with improvements to comfort, refinement and responsiveness.
More trucks will be launched worldwide but the few we discussed are likely to interest the market

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