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AMHVoices: Where are you Mr President?

President Emmerson Mnangagwa where are you? The people of Zimbabwe want you to give them guidance, but you are nowhere to be found.

By Fanuel Chinowaita, Our Reader

Your silence has put the rumour mill into gear, causing a lot speculation. War of liberation hero Dumiso Dabengwa died and you declared him a national hero. As Zimbabweans, we all salute him for his heroism. He is a real hero who fought for the freedom of this country.

You were together in the liberation war, although on different fronts. You also served together in cabinet for many years. People expected you stand together to the end as former freedom fighters, but you did not show up and pay your last respects when he died.

Where were you Mr President?

Zimbabweans are suffering. Things are not well. Even those who celebrated “your victory” are struggling to make ends meet. People who marched on the streets of Harare to remove former president Robert Mugabe are now regretting taking part. I can hear them saying: akatifurira kuti tibvise Mugabe Mwari ngaave naye (May God be with him for hoodwinking us into taking a part to remove Mugabe).

People are enduring long queues waiting for transport to and from work, while cars and buses spend long hours at service stations queuing for fuel. Still we are not hearing from you Mr President to explain the situation to the people. People have no money to buy basic commodities such as bread, cooking oil and mealie meal. They need you to come out and rescue them, if you are really a listening President.

Mr President please, come out and give people the direction the country is taking. Life is now unbearable. People no longer trust you with their future. Some are thinking of occupying the streets in protest against the economic decline. This includes even people who voted for you. Zimbabweans want answers and solutions to the economic malaise.

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