Advising the presidential advisers


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday held his inaugural meeting with the Presidential Advisory Council (Pac) recently appointed to assist in bringing in new ideas, policy proposals and solutions to Zimbabwe’s myriad of problems.

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3 thoughts on “Advising the presidential advisers”

  1. Herbert Ndlovu says:

    In 2007 Rwanda travelled this PAC road and had RDB birthed in 2009.Witness the amazing economic outcomes that country is reaping now from thinking big.Let Zimbabwe take a cue from Rwanda’s economic model and determine to attain the middle income status by 2030.It is a possibility.

  2. Norbert Dube says:

    The serious problem with Zimbabwe Government is having too many so called advisors. There’s the Cabinet ministers, there’s a team of former ministers in Zanupf lead by Obert Mpofu who stand for the party, there are also do called Zanupf political and economic analysts, then the Churches, the loosing plolitical parties dialogue, the CSOs lobbyists. Is not a case of too many “Cooks spoil the broth”
    Who will the President listen to and when as the Economic train is fast steam rolling to a halt??

  3. Chris Shu says:

    You speak well Norbert Dube. As someone recently said, ‘The nation is not tumbling because of lack advisors. But rather too many of them.’ And the wrong ones- MOSTLY. The RIGHT advisors for this govt are in the streets. Let him have a face-to-face with the povo. That is if he doesn’t know our problems already. And if it’s true he doesn’t know them, and needs advisors to open his eyes and ears, then where has he been these 38 years? This brings us to the question of his SINCERITY. Or rather his lack of it. HAS HE EVER BEEN SINCERE? If he was, we wouldn’t be in this quagmire.

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