Mugabe breathes fire over Mnangagwa rule

FORMER president Robert Mugabe this week came out guns blazing at his successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa during his first ever briefing to outsiders since his ousting by the military last November, saying his successor’s rule is “unconstitutional”, detailed notes provided by those who attended the meeting show.

By Owen Gagare

In a scathing brief to African Union Commission (AU) chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat at his “Blue Roof” mansion in Harare’s Borrowdale suburb on Monday afternoon, Mugabe said the Mnangagwa government was illegal and the AU should help to “restore normalcy and democracy in Zimbabwe”.

In the emotionally-charged meeting, Mugabe also said the country was effectively under military rule, hence the need to urgently restore democratic order.

He said he was willing to call a spade a spade as he was not afraid of anyone to help bring Zimbabwe back to a constitutional and legal path. He added that his security and wellbeing were not guaranteed as he was being denied his constitutional benefits while his wife was being harassed.

Mugabe further said the upcoming general elections would not be free and fair as they would be run by the military.

Apart from Mugabe and Mahamat, the meeting was also attended by Mugabe’s wife Grace, AU Commissioner (Political Affairs) Minata Samate Cessouma, the AU chair’s interpreter, Zanu PF secretary for administration Obert Mpofu, chief secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet Misheck Sibanda, Zimbabwe’s former ambassador to Namibia Chipo Zindoga, and a former diplomat in Angola now a senior official in the Foreign Affairs and International Trade ministry. The interpreter translated from French to English, and vice-versa as Mahamat asked to speak in French, but listen to Mugabe’s address in English.

The meeting, recorded by several officials who attended, began with the usual greetings and an exchange of pleasantries between Mugabe and the AU officials before serious business commenced.

Mahamat — who met with Mugabe, Mnangagwa and Foreign Affairs and International Trade minister Sibusiso Moyo and National Assembly Speaker Jacob Mudenda, among other officials, — then indicated he was in Zimbabwe on a fact-finding mission to understand the political and security situation on the ground in the aftermath of events which occurred in November last year. He did not use the words “coup” or “transition” in his address at the meeting, notes show.

The AU boss said he was happy to be given an opportunity to meet and talk to Mugabe, adding the continental body values and needs Mugabe’s insight and advice on important issues. He suggested the AU sees him as an elderly statesman.

Mahamat also said it was important for him to understand what was going on in Zimbabwe from the new government’s leaders and Mugabe as there was an important AU meeting which will be held in Kigali, Rwanda, on March 21. The AU will hold an extraordinary summit which will be presided over by current chair Rwanda President Paul Kagame.
He expressed gratitude to Mugabe for donating US$1 million to the AU and some cattle.

Officials say Mugabe listened attentively to Mahamat throughout, although he looked anxious to jump in.

When the AU chief finished, Mugabe immediately jumped in and asked: “Are you done?”, to which Mahamat replied: “Yes, I’m done.”

Mugabe then began talking and went on for about one-and-a-half hours. He began by expressing his gratitude to the AU and Mahamat for affording him an opportunity to tell them about what about happened and what is going on in the country now.

“To start with, the political and security situation in Zimbabwe has radically changed since November 15 last year; certainly not for the better, but for worse,” Mugabe said, according to the notes.

At that point government officials became uncomfortable, those who attended said.

Mugabe proceeded to say: “As Zimbabwe, when I was still prime minister and later president, we were assisted by the OAU (now AU) to integrate our different military forces coming out of the liberation war and we managed to build an integrated military structure with technical assistance from China, Russia, Cuba and Romania. Also in general terms, we got assistance from different countries in Africa to build a professional national army.

“At home, I worked closely with the late vice-president Joshua Nkomo to build a professional army for our newly-independent and democratic state. We had gone to war to fight to defeat and reject colonialism. In the process we also rejected military rule and this has always been important and consistent with our liberation struggle principle that we will not allow the gun to lead politics. Our philosophy is politics leads the gun.

“Having built our new system, with a professional army, we then assisted other African countries which were under military rule to ensure that they became ruled by democratically elected leaders. We understood that it was the only way we could unite and develop Africa. This is why I’m happy that there is going to be an AU meeting in Kigali next month to discuss these issues. It’s tragic and sad that in Zimbabwe since November 15 government and state institutions have been taken over by the military which is now part of the current unconstitutional administration.”

Mugabe then said he was forced to resign under military pressure, notes reveal.

“I was pressured by the army to resign; I did so in order to avoid conflict and bloodshed in my country. I was worried because it had been brought to my attention that people had been intimidated, illegally seized, attacked, homes had been raided at gunpoint and destroyed, and weapons confiscated from other state security agencies,” Mugabe said.

“The army had been unconstitutionally deployed without permission of the commander-in-chief and soldiers continue to be used in this operation. So from a constitutional point of view, he (Mnangagwa) is there unconstitutionally.

“Mnangagwa is in power illegally, yet some of his officials dare call me a dictator. What dictator?

“Maybe a dictator for dictating that we must take over our land and give it to the people; maybe a dictator for demanding that our people must be empowered. If that’s why they call me a dictator, I have no problem with that.

“The one sitting next to you (Mpofu) used to be my minister, but now I hear he had the temerity to call me a dictator.” Turning to Mpofu, Mugabe then said: “Am I a dictator, sir?”

Notes say Mpofu fiddled uncomfortably and the delegation burst into laughter to ease the tension.

“No, I didn’t say that,” Mpofu replied. “It was the media which lied that I called you a dictator.”

Mugabe then continued: “Anyway that’s the situation on the ground in Zimbabwe.”

He the added a new dimension: “Now you want to know whether elections will be free and fair. Of course, I don’t think so. How can they be free and fair when the military is running everything?”

Mugabe said the situation was worrying, adding his security was not guaranteed.

“For instance, they told you, I was safe, but how can I be in this environment? My wife is crying daily. They are persecuting her; that is obviously directed at me. What am I without my wife and family? We are not safe,” Mugabe said. “We have constitutional benefits, for example, but these are being denied.”

Addressing the 30th African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in January, Mnangagwa pledged to preserve Mugabe’s legacy. He also assured African leaders that he was safe and well.

“It’s not like I am crying for those benefits. I joined the struggle to fight to free my people, not to personally benefit anything, but why deny me benefits that I am constitutionally entitled to?” Mugabe asked.

Pleading with Mahamat, he continued: “You need to assist us to bring this country to normalcy and democracy. There is need for people’s rights to be restored and normal life to continue. Now there is no freedom of expression. If you disagree with them, then you must die.

“We need the spirit of Kenneth Kaunda in this country; ‘One Zambia, One Nation’. This country is now deeply divided along regional and tribal lines; that is wrong. We want our own ‘One Zimbabwe, One nation’. Harassing and intimidating people must stop; witch-hunting against people must stop.”

Notes indicate Mugabe then became emotional and said: “Why are they harassing people? Some of them are overzealous. How do you arrest a whole university vice-chancellor over lies about a PhD? Some of these people are just idiots; they are ignoramuses.”

University of Zimbabwe vice-chancellor Levy Nyagura was last week arrested for alleged abuse of office after being accused of facilitating the awarding of a fake PhD degree to Grace.

Mugabe said before doing her PhD, Grace studied Chinese and got a degree.

“It wasn’t easy,” he said. “She then continued with her studies and ended up doing a PhD. I used to see her here working hard day and night. I would assist her here and there, so how can someone wake up and claim she didn’t work for it? This is harassment,” Mugabe said.

At that point, he paused and said: “Anyway, just give us our benefits!”.

Mugabe went back to the political situation which he said had badly deteriorated.

“I’m going to tell the truth; there is no more democracy anymore in Zimbabwe. How can it be there when the military is ruling? I’m saying this as Robert Mugabe and, of course, I am not afraid of anyone. I was imprisoned for 11 years by the Rhodesians so there is nothing to fear,” Mugabe said.

He then turned to Mahamat and said: “Please don’t appease them. Be honest and tell them the truth, guide them forward. We want you to assist to restore normalcy and democracy in the country and stop this thing of ruling through guns.”

73 thoughts on “Mugabe breathes fire over Mnangagwa rule”

  1. RAFTI says:

    Zimbabwe is certainly a much, much better place without the MUGABE’ family involved in its affairs. Robert THE DICTATOR was obviously fast asleep when “Dr” Grace and her family (Simba, Russell, Bona, Cahtunga, Junior et al) were “busy” eating and dealing as Zimbabwe sunk daily – what ever, Mugabe HAD to GO, and Zimbabwean’s haven’t been happier!

    1. mamoth says:

      I think you need to read things carefully.Always rubbishing away important issues is tragically wrong.

      1. WAMBA DIA WAMBA says:

        carefully my foot….bob killed people, many disapeared, rigged elections, etc…azonyanyo koshei…WE ARE NOT STUPIDS

    2. Tenda says:

      Zimbabwe will also be happy without Mnangagwa and his army.

      We cant have a repeat of Rhodesia where soldiers roamed the country intimidating people.

      Thats not the freedom our fathers fought for.

  2. Commander Guvamatongo says:

    Now it dawns to HIM that free and fair elections are important, that people’s constitutional rights and freedoms should be respected. Was he asleep the whole of the past 37 years?

    1. Junta says:

      Mugabe mupengo!!!

      1. Chipo says:

        Benzi chairo

  3. Tatenda says:

    If Mugabe really did say these things then its confirmed that he is the most Delousional Zimbabwean to ever walk this planet!He truely thinks Zimbabwe owes him something and that he owns the country. Ngaatibvirepo. What does he mean that elections will not be free and fair? Does he know what free and fair means? Iyewo ED achinyanya, hanzi heee lets respect Bob. Kurera imbwa nemukaka uko.

    1. mamoth says:

      …and this could be the reason he was not speaking to people like because you do not understand things.

      1. Many Years Lost says:

        Enlighten us oh great one…we are lost.

      2. Many Years Lost says:

        Bob never did a single thing in the interest of Zim an its people, he was only concerned with power. Who would dare say anything against bob and live? IF the current leaders are doing it they learnt from the best or rather in this case the worst dictator, Robert Goblin Mugabe. He is far from a saint. Tell me one election in his days that was free and fair. 1980 itself was mared by voter intimidation.

    2. Hurtfully Surprised says:

      He is the most bigoted malicious spiteful ignominious Zimbabwean ever. No one in his right mind could make such a charade when all he stood for as President for 37 years was his personnal power for the benefit of Grace, Bona, the Zvimba relatives. It did not matter people died in hospital s, in road unworthy Kombi’s, at the hands of his cowardly CIO and police, as long as he had the personal power.It did not matter to him industries closed down losing thousands of jobs as the economy went to the dogs.
      Finally can anyone imagine what would have happened if President Mnangagwa and the military had failed in stopping this guy in his dotage. We do not even have to imagine because he had already started on a rampage of purging murdering God knows what. ..and now he stands or should we sits there acting godly to those African Union officials
      He should never be entertained, and Zimbabwe is better off under what he calls unconstitutionality, rather than him

  4. mwalimu says:

    While Mugabe is telling the truth that the military is now ruling and making democracy very difficult it is also true that it was not better under his rule. Unless he is saying all the past misdeeds were done without him knowing, which then casts him in bad light as an effective leader.

    1. mamoth says:

      Probably you were too contaminated by the bias of the West and it impossible for you to get to the bottom of issues

      1. Commander Guvamatongo says:

        Put across your point. You are not saying anything. Our is that Mugabe is the least qualified to say anything about good governance and democracy. And I don’t think we will have a leader worse than him. He should just shut-up and thank God that Zimbabweans are such forgiving lot.

      2. spiralx says:

        No bias by “the West” – just a simple recognition of a dictator and his crimes, after 1980.

        No-one will forget Gukuruhundi, or the 2000 and 2008 election disappearances, intimidations, tortures and murders. Or the trashing of people’s houses, and the wholesale theft of banks and farms that destroyed the economy.

        All down to Mu-garbage.

      3. Aikona says:

        You are a big fool, a stupid ignoramus, an idiot of the first order. Go away stupid.

    2. munyaradzi says:

      exactly, mwalimu…..the situation in zimbabwe is abnormal, it only becomes normal to those in power no wonder they say power corrups..ven the mind..

  5. Ziso says:

    It’s good to hear that Grace is crying everyday. All dictators go through this period and even dream of returning to power. I hope the old man is not listening to advice from Jonathan, Patrick and Saviour. Indeed reality is too painful to bear for Grace and Bob.

    1. mamoth says:

      …and a leader you shall not become

  6. tongesai says:

    KKKKK seka zvako. Dindingwe rinonakidzwa kana richikweva mamwe, kana rokwevewa iro roti mavara angu ozara mavhu.Grace must not cry everyday, she must cry every minute.Tichanyarirei apa imi vakweguru. Zim much better than Mugabe’s days.

  7. tongesai says:

    Let him breathe fire, more than a dragon but he must stay put in the blue roof. Mnangagwa haafanire kuramba achijaidza kamudhara aka achikaremekedza even kukafonera.Kasiyei kanyatsoona reality.Grace aitaura nyobvo.Iye Mnangagwa angadai akafa. Take away that fake PhD and all other fake qualifications that may been given to govt officials. Makamboona Dr ane verbal diarrhoea seyaGrace. Akange otoona Zimbabwe seyake. ZvinO makagadzirirwa size inokwana. Grace ngaacheme stereki kwete mbijana. KKKKKK….

    1. chris says:

      kkkkkkkkkk…mazimba makaoma…pakutuka chete…anoti manaija anotuka haasati anzwa imi baba

  8. tongesai says:

    Grace ari kuchema nekuti haachakwanise kuonana naChipanga.Ngaaenderereka nema GAME ake. Kutora ndege yenyika muchienda kuRussia kuPleasure naChipanga in the name of the YOUTH. Pfachuraika zvamaiita paye. Tenga rimwe ring re1 million tione.Ngaacheme. Haasati atanga. Kkkkkk…

  9. tongesai says:

    Grace ngaacheme, ozochema, achingochema, achichema isu tichifamba neNEW DISPENSATION.

  10. Karigamombe says:

    Kana Didingwe richa kweva wamwe rinoti its very fine,kana rokweiwa roti please mawara angu azare ivhu. Kana nyika yaiti mati kuwadza zvonzi iswayi mujeri musina comfort. Kana motora hutungamiri kupa mukazi kuti atonge mochinzi garai mu Blue Roof mutori ne comfort moti mu Zimbabwe hamuna Democracy. Of the two examples which is the truth. I dont recall millions of Zimbabweans moving freely allulating for one single that the former President did instead weeping in tears for the break down of law and order. And the rife Corruption which the new Order is fighting to erradicate. Please garai pasi mudye zvenyu Pension yemaka piwa zvee nekuto reducer ma Foreign trips I know its painful but thats reality. We are very happy now with what the new President and his Team are doing. Tough luck for you and your entire family.

  11. Maonazvangu says:

    While the old man had his faults and still has them, what is true is that we are under military rule and ED is their front. I have always said it and will will say it now – these military guys are in it for the long haul. Is it not you The Independent who broke the story that they arm twisted into into making those ministerial appointments after they took over? Also bear in mind that Chiwenga is the next in line to govern by either hook or crook should they lose the elections. Zimbabweans are so naive as to believe the soldiers did what they did for the ordinary man and woman in the street. That is not true for they were saving their skins and interests which is what they are doing now. Yes RGM had overstayed his welcome and the country had gone over the pricipice but that is no licence to accept rule by a military junta. We shall live to regret and as l always say; ‘Takepembedza gona nerinobata mai.’ Watch this space for everything the military are planning will fall into place.

    1. Commander Guvamatongo says:

      @Maonazvangu, Zimbabwe has always been a military state since Monomutapa, Lobengula, Smith and Mugabe times. The difference is that Mugabe stayed in power the longest and was the most cruel and retrogressive of them all. Under him the economy retreated 30 years back yet it was steadily growing since the Monomutapa empire.

    2. spiralx says:

      This year’s elections will settle that question. And that is what the rest of the world is watching now.

  12. Shexstar says:

    Did Mugabe really pronounce the word democracy? Does he understand the meaning of that term. He wants democracy only to be applied to him and his family but he has never practiced it all his life. What benefit is he talking about. He benefited for 37 year as a president now he should spend what he looted during is time in office.

  13. Chatunga II says:

    “It’s not like I am crying for those benefits. I joined the struggle to fight to free my people, not to personally benefit anything, but why deny me benefits that I am constitutionally entitled to?” Mugabe asked
    Jacob Puma said the fact same thing last week.

    1. spiralx says:

      Pretty certain Hitler did, too. Before he killed himself as his war collapsed around him.

  14. Charles Frizell says:

    I must say that his cheek is astonishing! Where was the AU when he and Zanu outright stole the 2008 elections? Where was the AU when Zanu killed more than 200 people in those elections? Where was the AU and “democracy” as Zanu rigged every election for the past 18 years, at least.

    To hear Mugabe spouting about “Democracy” is truly bizarre.

  15. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) says:

    Our former President needs counseling. It is in his and our national interest that he keeps out of politics. He is senile. His wife messed up his legacy. We will always respect him for the role
    he played in our liberation struggle. If his wife had read academic literature as claimed, surely she would not have behaved like a bull in china shop, leading to his demise. The nation is better under a new dispensation, new ideas, etc. We can debate the pros and cons of military intervention followed by other constitutional processes peacefully. But such debates must exercise the minds of academics not practical politicians in our Republic of Zimbabwe, in my considered view.

    1. Kufamazuva says:

      We should never again talk of respecting an individual’s participation in such a grand cooperative effort as the Liberation struggle. Mugabe’s contribution to the liberation struggle was speaking impeccable English to the world. Others’ participation in the same struggle was dying of injuries in caves and mountains dotted across Zimbabwe.

      He must thank his ancestors that the “guerrilla coup” did not do what the Russian Revolution did to the Czar and his family. A very lucky man. 3 generations ruined beyond measure because of his selfish leadership style.

  16. Bona's Brother says:

    wakuzviona iye zvino manje. where is Itai Dzamara who was against you, bring him back now usatinyaudza. You crying for your benefits, what benefits. our father’s pensions were eroded by hyperinflation under your heavy handed rule and all was well with you. Ndeye kwako iyo kana warwadziwa bata pawarwadziwa pacho, nonsense

  17. tongesai says:

    @Maonazvangu Zimbabwe has been a military state since Mugabe’s days. Saka whats new now?Its only that the military is now oppposed to Mugabe.

  18. EC says:


  19. EMMANUEL says:

    Old man, its you who brought the military into politics after loosing elections. Now its sou grapes because the military is working for the people. ITAI MUSHE CDE.

  20. tongesai says:

    kkkkkkk….hanzi did Mugabe really pronounce the word “democracy”. Kana neni ndashamisika kuti Mugabe chaiye kusimudza muromo iwowo wekuti democracy

  21. tongesai says:

    Does Mugabe know that the Chinese are happy about the new situation. Look east policy iya mudhara. Be careful what you wish for mudhara.

  22. Dre says:

    kkkkkk Chibaba Chatunga chamama now he knows how we felt for the past years when he was in power. Tangomirira kuti imba nemaBusiness titore kana Chamisa apa nyanya hezvouko Bwaaa

    1. ivhukuvanhu chete chete says:

      Chamisa of all the opposition confusionists to rule or to lead us will be impossible act!

      Imagine his crude power grab from Khupe and Mudziri; attacking everyone in the leadership echelon……..

      Disrespecting the grieving families members of his late President, and lying about being anointed by the same. He is a monumental liar;US $15 BILLION he was promised in the unlikely event that his MDC party wins the 2018 elections.

      A shameful young and over ambitious anti-constitutional, advocate. A violence-mongering MDC hoodlum and provocateur.

  23. Vison says:

    Mugabe must be reminded that his benefits were already squandered by his 2 sons in various joburg night clubs, no more

  24. Nhengure says:

    Can someone please tell the stray old jackal to shut up. His stinking breath is suffocating us

  25. Cde Bvondo Tajamuka says:

    Mr Mugabe please sit down and Grace stop it. Wadii kuenda kwa Zvimba unorima nzungu. Kwete kuti nyaudza. For Zim tiripama1 cz this military gvt is there to say lets give them 30 years vhimuti chichi chinjana from ED to Chiwenga then Moyo, unless God intervene.

    1. Ngwena says:

      Shut up Mugabe . We are not fools. AU kana muchida declare it a military gvt we dont care what you will call it. But if its the gun leading looks like it tastes better than the so called politicians. Moyo Gire and company to jail, l dont care

  26. Martz says:

    Bob u are not the only Zimbabwean. U are also too old to be listened to. Just wait to meet your creator.

    If u continue uttering rubbish in that Blue Roof we will soon take all that u looted …14 farms one man whilst u preached of one man one farm means u owe us a lot.

    Only yesterday Obert Mpofu was stammering when asked about the diamonds saga which should be answered by you as the then President, is it that Blue Roof is part of the saga.

    Asante Sanna

  27. kelly says:

    what seriously selfish person this one is. does he know how happier we are since he left. the only pple he knows werearreseted are because they touched his wifes fake degree. does he know that chinhoyi street doesnt have potholes ever since he left. foolish selfish man

    1. Ediel says:

      honestly where will the benefits come from in a country which he ruined. The old man should just shut his hell mouth up.

  28. kelly says:

    this former president. hewanted to say in power for the sake of his beloved wife and even today its all about his beloved wife. no care at all for the rest of the nation. i hope this will make ED see sense in his efforts to give them comfort. they dont desreve comfort

  29. Mbunge says:

    Ngaambofamba muna first street mhani swine!!!

  30. machakachaka says:

    Whether Zimbabwe will in the next few months be governed by a newly elected Zanu PF or MDC government, the people of Zimbabwe are determined never to allow Robert Mugabe near Munhumutapa again. Whatever the AU will decide from Mugabe’s rantings is immaterial, and any attempt to bring Mugabe back by any means will be rejected by all Zimbabweans except Zhuwawo and Jonathan Moyo. If by any chance the AU foolishly decides to force us militarily to have Mugabe back, then that attempt will be met by the most ferocious response that the African continent has ever seen. In short, Zimbabweans are fed up with Mugabe, and will not allow any arrangement that includes him, now and in the future. The AU should never sacrifice 14 million Zimbabweans for the sake of a dozen criminals.

    1. albert says:

      sure iyoyo

  31. Logan C says:

    Things might not be going well or even worse but removing Mugabe was a necessary evil and yes is was a ruthless dictator who killed people he should stop whining

  32. Sam Jackson says:

    If truth be told, the military was always the real power in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has always “been led by the gun” as he says as shown by:
    1. His own rise to power within ZANU. He only attained it after gaining support from the military wing…actually it was tantamount to a coup very much like what ED has done.
    2. The infamous “straight jacket” speech by Zvinavashe.
    3. Appointment of military elements to top positions.
    4. The running of critical parastatals like NRZ by former military personnel.
    5. The running of elections by the military
    6. The control of diamonds and other critical resources by the military
    7. Military participation in election campaigns of the ruling party. Military attended ZANU congresses and events.
    8. Violence and rigging of 2002, 2008 and 2013.

    Saka Baba Chatunga muri kuchemei? Kuti mava kurumwa ne bere ramairera here? Asi manga musingazivi kuti bere ndoo zvarinoita here? Maifara parairuma vamwe muchiti ndoo hubere hwacho musingazivi kuti rimwe zuva richakurumaiwo imi.

    On the issue yeDoctorate yemukadzi wenyu apo the solution is very simple: produce the relevant proof which normally accompanies such academic honors. If you have the required proof, I will be the first one to defend your wife since I also hold a degree from the same institution whose reputation is being sullied by this whole affair. Am an interested party.

    Having said all that, I will admit that the future of Zimbabwe is in real terms not very promising. Why? Because the real power in Zim is the military who are not really interested in opening things up. ED is beholden to the military as they are the real and only reason he is President of Zimbabwe. When he wants to act in the interests of us common folk and the military says no – what happens? Only time will tell.

    Baba Chatunga, concentrate on your family, yourself and your relationship with God. Your true relationship kwete zvenyu zviya zvokuzviita musande zveFake whilst committing heinous crimes in the background. Zim is better off without you as our leader though the way that came about is not optimal. We pray that God rescues us from the mess you created which we will now have to contend with. Asante sana!

    1. Moe says:

      So true. When he lost to Tsvangirai in 2008 didn’t he say we can’t let the pen take away what we achieved through gidi? Now the geezer talks about politics leading the gun. He has a short memory.

    2. Chen Chikezha says:

      Brilliantly put and straight to the point no dark corners. You nailed it, yes we maybe under military rule but we have always been and facts are stubborn as you listed above. The only difference is that it is someone leading the military that is why he is seeing it now.

  33. Nkotheni Phakathi says:

    It is to be hoped that no present or future leader of this great nation will end up like Mugabe, championing democracy and freedom of expression only when they fall from power from whatever source ,the barrel of a gun or of a pen.

    1. Ngondi Kamupinya says:

      Asikana…..upenyu ivhiri chokwadi.

  34. Ngondi Kamupinya says:

    Asikana…..upenyu ivhiri chokwadi.

  35. Felex Marongedza says:

    Mugabe should just shut up.

    Since he is all for justice could be perhaps appear before the Reconciliation Commission and shed light on the role he played in the Gukurahundi genocide? ?

    Ndini ndadaro. Pension nywe nywe nywe, shut up!!!

  36. Noname says:

    Kulungile uphumile wena R G you dictator you must stay in your blue roof and keep quiet let ED rule

  37. Gonyeti says:

    People are being beaten left , right and centre by the military in lowveld… other guys are writing in the comfort of your cabins, this military rule is not good at all. Kutonga Kwaro nxaaa!!!!! Robert is right-there is no democracy at all only Command, Command and Command…open your eyes and smell the coffee people, the way things are going, you will be commanded to fart!!!!!

  38. dube says:

    baba Mugabe let yourself or anyone close to you be disillusioned.Your dynasty is over,there is no going back to the Mugabe era.Secondly being under military rule now is a matter of our concern not you we do not and we will never need you at all.Do not sweat or lose sleep over us we are ok

  39. hanna says:

    Lies fake news…

  40. Gobvu says:

    Is EDM illegal or not?

  41. madroy says:

    So it was a COUP… I think that is what RGM was saying!!

  42. Mr Arcadia says:

    Izit? Like is definitely lekker under the new dispensation, even here in my cabin …. We all adore uncle ED. Ja, nee we are fine thanks, uncle Bob.

  43. Bhinikwa says:

    If E.D was Mugabe……then that Bue roof would have been bombed like the dailynews printers with no arrests or compensation for daring to tell the AU chairman your truth. Many died for speaking truth & now at 94 you want sympathy. Please think about Gukurahundi victims until you die…….we still want you to come to Matebeleland to apologise.

  44. Papashishi says:

    Let bygones be…..
    This uncle Bob is not sensible in his thinking
    He took Zanu at ransom by leading using his wife’s pants
    He killed many who cannot speak neither can their relatives do so
    ED should start reconciliations by taking this senile to courts over his misdeeds
    The Zimbabwe today is much happier without roadblocks,corruption and dysfunctional government
    Many people lost their pensions- he is crying for his-ED don’t give him- take away all farms to the people
    He poisoned ED and said keep quiet-all these issues should be pursued including the Guzha, Dzamara etc
    Grace should be arrested and all their forerunners Jonso, Saviour and Zhiwao extradicted back home
    Better to be lead by many soldiers than to be lead by a dynasty, people happier with soldiers than with the police and…….

  45. Jonw says:

    The old man is breathing fire, like a dragon that he has always been
    Disgrace surely has a Phd for shopping!

  46. igy says:

    But some of these things guys…Africa needs to be realistic. Maharat got in the same way…smart “couo”. Now you expect him to condemn an even smarter, soft coup? But all that is besides the point..Zimbabweans simply did not want Mugabe anymore. The sooner he accepts that..the better it will be for him. If he thought the ED regime was denying him his “benefits”…what does he think they will do now that he has taken to running his mouth?? Just a thot!

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