Mudzuri seeks legal opinion


MDC-T co-vice-president Elias Mudzuri, who wants the opposition party to convene an extraordinary congress to select the next president, is pushing for the hiring of external lawyers to interpret certain provisions of the party constitution, as succession battles intensify.

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Mudzuri said it was important for people to get the right interpretation of the party constitution so as to have an appreciation of what should be done to end the confusion in the party.

“We have the party’s secretary-general (Douglas) Mwonzora, who is a lawyer (and) can interpret to us the constitution. What is clear is that we should go for congress. The secretary-general knows the constitution. I am just an engineer. Our constitution needs to be taken to lawyers who can interpret it,” Mudzuri said.

“We need good lawyers who can interpret our constitution. If need be, let there be external lawyers who can come in and help to interpret our constitution. We want to work on the truth and deliver leadership accepted by everyone.

“We want to bring sanity to mischievous behaviour by some members in the party. Our society will not forgive us if we fail to unite. We must align ourselves first for us to talk about a successful MDC Alliance.”

On suggestions by some party members that they do not have the US$2 million required to hold a congress, Mudzuri pointed out that if there was no money for an extraordinary congress, then the party should not take part in the country’s general elections.

7 thoughts on “Mudzuri seeks legal opinion”

  1. Kufandada says:

    Stupid man.How can he be an aspiring President if he does not understand his own constitution?

    Chamisa is a clear winner.He has explained his understanding of the Constitution very well and that party is run by resolutions of National Council.

  2. Maonazvangu says:

    Kufandada you are a Chamisa supporter it is obvious. Just let the party follow its constitution and whoever is chosen thereafter is the leader.Chamisa jumped the gun and by supporting him you are supporting dictatorial which even the MDC nemisis Zanu PF does not have.

  3. Kufandada says:

    It depends with your interpretation of what the Constitution says.I have looked at it.There are 3 Deputy Presidents and the Constitution does not say which of the 3 legit deputies should act. The National Council is the one authorised by the Constitution to make any decisions of the party.Constitution says Extraordinary congress should be held within 12 months.The National Council has not made a final appointment.National Council has said congress is due in 2019 and so full congress will be held next year.Makes sense,given the elections which are due.Lets fo for elections now,if Chamisa wins elections,and congress elects Khupe as President,Chamisa can be recalled as National Constititution allows a recall.What is the rush for a divisive congress when party should be campaigning.Why should 20 people overturn the resolution of 150 people in National Council? That is what democracy is all about.


    1. magame says:

      Our constituiton does not allow a recall. A president is directly elected.

      1. Chen Chikezha says:

        Impeachment vakuru kicks in if he doesn’t resign voluntarily.

  4. Acquila says:

    VaMudzuri when you were appointed the party VP you were supposed to burn the midnight oil, reading, studying, understanding and consulting on the meaning of sections, sub-sections of your constitution. As a VP it is your paramount responsibility of honoring, abiding, respecting and protecting the constitution of MDC-T as a state VP or President-in-waiting in case you win the general elections and take over state power. It’s not enough and certainly an unforgivable sin that you are washing your hands on this one when you are the custudonian of the very document. As indicated @Kufandada, you may as well resign as a VP because a member of the presidium who does not understand a constitution is a very dangerous person, since current democracies run on that document alone, hence constitutional democracies. For the record, the extra-ordinary congress is not feasible, logistically, financially, politically, pragmatically and logically and it is hereby declared that the issue is deferred until 2019 and discussion on it is closed. Everyone including Mudzuri, Khupe, Moyo and others should focus on winning the upcoming general elections by starting to campaign seriously commencing this coming week – 25 Feb 2018.

  5. munyaradzi says:

    reminds of of “coup not coup” conundrum that has struck zimbabwe since november 2017. tzvangirai exerberated the situation by “appointing” two extra deputies while a constitutional deputy existed. now the constitution is fair game….

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