…ousted VP faces arrest

THE Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has assembled a special unit to investigate crimes allegedly committed by ousted vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa during his long tenure in office.

The unit, led by Assistant Commissioner Crispen Charumbira, includes Superintendent Nyambo Viera (CID Law and Order), Chief Superintendent Nyaradzai Majachani (CID Property Section) and Chief Superintendent Ngena (Law and Order). The case, which they are investigating cases against Mnangagwa, span alleged obstruction of justice, corruption, attempted murder and murder.

As of yesterday, sources said police had zeroed in on four cases of alleged murder in which Mnangagwa is implicated.

Police will also open other cases against Mnangagwa in weeks ahead as his woes mount. Some of the specific cases include the alleged murder of a woman linked to the former vice-president, attempted murder of former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation news presenter Godfrey Majonga, looting of Zanu PF companies and the Kwekwe goldfields deals and associated murders there.

Police interviewed some witnesses in the cases yesterday as they intensified investigations.

Police are also linking Mnangagwa to alleged illegal gold panning, cases of violence and murders in and around Kwekwe’s volatile goldfields.

As reported by the Zimbabwe Independent in September, the cases of violence and killings occurred in fights over the control of gold concessions and mines.

Groups involved in the fights are allegedly controlled by Gokwe-Kana legislator Owen Ncube — popularly known as Mudha.

The first case is the murder of Washington Dick who was killed allegedly by Likwa Ngwenya in November last year.

The matter is in the courts. Another murder case was also reported (CR86/10/16 at Kwekwe Central Police Station and CID Kwekwe 01/11/16) involving Noel Jacha, who is said to have been working with the late Dick.

There is also a case that occurred in the wee hours of January 14 when Elvis Moyo was murdered along Nhamo Street in Rutendo suburb, Kwekwe. His body was discovered by police officers on patrol.

5 thoughts on “…ousted VP faces arrest”

  1. Mutema Zvevhu says:

    Ah, why now.

  2. JB says:

    Hooo so this is what you do. When one is in power they are immune to prosecution even if they kill. We are watching.

  3. Sagitarr says:

    Seriously guys, have you forgotten RGM’s speech at one of his stupid rallies where he reportedly said, …”the police are ours (Zanu RF)….”

    They are told who to arrest, the charges and when. It doesn’t excite some of us any more!

  4. John Smith says:

    This would be the best thing for Zimbabwe because it sends the message that whoever crosses the government knows what to expect. Every single minister and politician will have to be a lot more careful.

  5. bwe says:

    Sungai tioone.

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