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Storm in a teacup and elephant in the room

“It is sheer folly for Zanu PF bootlickers to chase around Saviour Kasukuwere, while hero-worshipping President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace despite their scandalous leadership failures.”

HIGHER and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo revealed that government will soon outlaw the conferment and acceptance of degrees from unaccredited institutions.

Twitter: @MuckrakerZim

Moyo first made the announcement on his micro-blogging site Twitter platform after a follower tagged him in a tweet alleging that the Commonwealth University was bogus. The institution recently awarded Zimbabwe Tourism Authority CE Karikoga Kaseke a PhD.

“Very soon it will be a criminal offence in Zimbabwe to offer, seek or receive a fake degree or to get one from an unaccredited organisation!,” Moyo tweeted. He added that the new law will be applied retrospectively.

This, of course, is commendable. We cannot have fake degrees handed out like confetti at a wedding, devaluing the whole education system and making Zimbabwe a laughing stock around the world.

However, such efforts should start at the very top. This specifically refers to First Lady Grace Mugabe who received a fast-track fake PhD from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) at the speed it takes to brew instant coffee, making a mockery of the whole process of acquiring degrees and devaluing the UZ which has continued to fall in African top university rankings over the years.

Indeed, it is not difficult to understand that the awarding of dubious degrees, particularly PhDs, proliferated after Grace was conferred her dubious PhD by UZ.

Failure by Moyo to tackle Grace’s fake PhD will only expose him as a charlatan (we know he loves diction like mandarin, rocket scientist and charlatan!).

Storm in a teacup

Apparently one of the most feared Zanu PF thugs, the ruling party’s national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere in previous elections led a Ku Klux Klan-like attack that entrenched a Jim Crow system — contextualised herein as segregation along political lines — against opposition supporters, treating them as “Scallywags” (US derogatory term used in the 1890s to mean undersized or worthless animals). In other words, those seen as deplorables.
The terror still haunts the majority who were subjected to brutality, but in this era when the instigator becomes the tormented, Muckraker understands why his victims have been celebrating his political troubles.

However, it does not help anything to celebrate Kasukuwere’s difficulties when the real problem remains. Zanu PF is wasting time focussing on squabbles and power dynamics to the peril of the crumbling economy.

What has Zimbabwe to benefit from the ouster or otherwise of Kasukuwere — a self-proclaimed “political thug” — when the real culprit, whom he is accused of plotting to topple, continues to be hero-worshipped and deified?

It is sheer folly for Zanu PF bootlickers to chase around Kasukuwere, while hero-worshipping President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace despite their scandalous leadership failures and national implosion. The Kasukuwere issue in reality is a storm in a teacup, while Mugabe is the elephant in the room.

Granted, Kasukuwere is a true reflection of Zanu PF’s reign of terror, but the real issue is Mugabe.

So Zanu PF members and supporters should stop directing their protests towards internal power struggles that do nothing to address the national rot. And the disgruntled Mashonaland Central chairperson Dickson Mafios was perplexed at the sight of a heavy police presence in Bindura on the day of their comical “trial”.

Welcome to the reality of a police state. In his comfort zone he would not know how repressive the regime is — there is no such luxury for the likes of Itai Dzamara who were subjected to forced disappearance.

When we flashback to Gukurahundi, it becomes clear only a mad person can celebrate Mugabe as a hero. A hero whose regime abducts, attacks and kills its own law-abiding and defenceless citizens? Surely, only cowards do that.


Vice-President Phelekezela Mp-hoko has questioned the sincerity of parties who are occupied with the Kasukuwere saga, accusing the army for remaining silent when its commander-in-chief is being insulted on a daily basis.

Is Mphoko insinuating Mugabe is immune to criticism despite claiming Zimbabwe is a democracy? Should the vice-president not be asking his colleagues in the ruling party what happened to government’s promise to apologise and compensate Gukurahundi victims?

What are Mphoko’s comments on the following headlines in the state propaganda mouthpieces during the time of the Matabeleland massacres: “No signs of mass killings — Army commander Rex Nhongo (The Herald, May 11, 1984)”; “Hunt for mass graves — a wild goose chase (The Herald, May 12, 1984)”; “Bishops is in league with satan — an accusation to catholic bishops by the Minister of Defence Sydney Sekeramayi (The Chronicle, April 28, 1984), among other denials by Zanu PF during that period of genocide.

Add to that, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa Mnangagwa’s infamous inflammatory remarks in the state-owned Chronicle of March 4, 1983. Likening the so-called dissidents to cockroaches and bugs, Mnangagwa said the bandit menace had reached such epidemic proportion that government had to bring in DDT (Five Brigade) to get rid of the bandits. Mnangagwa was minister of State Security at the time.

The Chronicle also reported Mnangagwa said government had two options to deal decisively with the dissidents: to burn down all the villages “infested with the dissidents” or bring in the North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade. The government chose the latter, of course, with incidents of the former here and there.

Instead of spending time lying that Gukurahundi was a Western conspiracy despite overwhelming evidence that it was the Mugabe regime’s policy (new evidence is surfacing from everywhere and we will be publishing it without fear or favour), Mphoko should be serious and push for a truth and reconciliation process which will decisively deal with the issue.

Mugabe, with complicity of the British, is responsible for Gukurahundi. The likes of Mnangagwa and Sekeramayi were Mugabe’s running dogs in the genocidal campaign in which 20 000 innocent civilians were massacred.

In his “moment of madness”, Mugabe unleashed the army on the people of Midlands and Matabeleland regions for simply refusing to vote for him. Do you have to kill people on such a massive scale in pursuit of a narrow-minded political agenda?

Quiet diplomacy!

South Africa’s Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula took aim at Zimbabweans this week for being responsible for criminal activities bedeviling his country. He linked former military personnel to rogue armed robbers in South Africa. While this could be true or false, what is interesting is how candid Mbalula used the phrase: “they are running away from Uncle Bob.” This could signify South Africa’s paradigm shift from Thabo Mbeki’s discredited quiet diplomacy and “political rigging-economic-dereliction” approach which worsened, instead of resolving Zimbabwe’s multifaceted catastrophe.

Does this also infer that South Africa — the regional powerhouse — is preparing to follow in Ecowas’ footsteps after learning from The Gambia’s electoral experience early this year? If so, then Mbalula and the South African government would have finally matured to realise they cannot endlessly shoulder their northern neighbour’s self-inflicted problems anymore.

Muck hopes this warning shot is taken heed by the moribund Zanu PF regime that has all along thrived on electoral rigging as 2018 beckons. Mbalula, together with EFF leader Julius Malema, have refused to continue parroting the tired and detested lie that Mugabe is an African hero.

A bin full of various garbage still stinks

ZBC TV’s introduction of news bulletins in various local languages, though commendable, begs the question as to why it is not freeing the media sphere to allow the flourishing of many radio and television stations. Would ZBC’s stale propaganda become more acceptable simply because it has been packaged in nine local languages?

Is it not true that a bin full of various forms of garbage still stinks? In fact, the Zanu PF agenda is not to promote local languages; it is a sinister plan to reach out to rural communities in their own languages to prop up Mugabe’s collapsing dictatorship. Zimbabwe simply needs to follow global trends and liberalise the airwaves, not come up with despicable schemata to try and control people’s minds in the social media age, instead of promoting real pluralism and diversity. No one —except fools — is fooled by this foolish Zanu PF plan.

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  1. Lazarus, the bishop of Zanuland, thinks Mbalula committed a cardinal sin bysaying what is well known, that zimbo criminals are very active in South Africa. The mention of Uncle Bob in bad light sent Lazarus and The Parrots into a frenzy, as if there is anything wrong in admitting unfortunate happenings. Writing in The Sunday Mail Lazarus devoted a whole page to a personal attack on Mbalula without dwelling on crime allegations at all.

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