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ZPF leadership to be elected by secret ballot

FORMER vice-president Joice Mujuru and Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) top brass will be elected by secret ballot on a “one delegate one vote basis” to attain their positions, according to the constitution to be adopted at the party’s inaugural congress.

Wongai Zhangazha

ZPF, which registered as a political party a fortnight ago, is preparing to hold its inaugural congress in preparation of the critical 2018 general elections.

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The constitution states that the party’s top brass will be elected by the supreme ruling and controlling organ of the party, the National People’s Elective Convention (NPEC) which consists of members of the national executive council (NEC), national honourary council and the Nec of the freedom fighters wing.

NPEC shall also consist of national executives of the women’s and youth wings, provincial executive council, constituency executive council, ward executive, provincial delegates as determined by the NEC and non-voting delegates invited by NEC.

“The role of the NPEC shall be to elect the president, vice-president, party chairman, secretary-general, treasurer-general and accepting by acclamation the one hundred members of NEC,” reads the draft constitution.

“NPEC procedures shall always be in accordance with the fundamental democratic principles of voting on any agenda items, by secret ballot and ‘one delegate one vote basis’.”

The NPEC’s roles will also include receiving and discussing reports of the outgoing national executive council which shall include inter alia the presidential address, the secretary-general’s report and the treasurer-general’s report.

The body will also decide and determine the policy, programmes and constitutional issues of the party.

It will also review, ratify, alter or rescind any decision or resolution taken by any of the organs, other constituent bodies, units or officials of the party.

According to the ZPF constitution, the president of the party shall be the chief executive officer of the party chairing the national standing committee and NEC, who shall “execute their duties under the charge of the president”.

“The president shall exercise a casting vote only at those meetings over which he or she presides but only in the event of a deadlock,” reads the constitution.

The party chairperson will preside over NPEC, NEC, annual policy discussion as maybe determined by the national executive council, women’s wing elective convention and policy discussion and youth wing elective convention and policy discussion, among other issues.

ZPF secretary-general shall supervise the functions and responsibilities of all committees and affiliate groupings of the party under the direction of the president as well as act as the secretary of the executive committee, annual people’s policy discussion, NEC and the national standing committee.

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