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Mugabe praises China to mask governance ills

China is a godsend, President Robert Mugabe told an investment conference in Johannesburg last week.


He praised China for everything the colonists supposedly didn’t do.

This needless to say was an expurgated version. He omitted to mention the very fine education he received at Kutama.

Now Mugabe presides over a basket case. And the Sandton audience roared their approval of a liberation hero despite the fact he had caused a swathe of destruction across the economy.

Mugabe calls China a godsend, but if he had governed well there would be no need for Chinese intervention.

This is the same crowd that saw former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi as a hero. But he headed a brutal regime which staged arbitrary executions and seizure of school girls from under their mothers’ noses.

And what about the Great Leap Forward that turned children into spies and sabotaged the Chinese economy? Rarely has such a society been so suborned. It took Deng a decade to recover using the analogy of the cats.

Today China is a massive success story symbolised by its skyscrapers reaching into the sky.

And where is Zimbabwe in all this? Praising China but doing nothing for itself. Everywhere the pattern of poverty is evident. And they cheer him in Sandton. Another nationalist triumph.

Meanwhile, we hear First Lady Grace Mugabe droning on with every confidence in her own abilities which are sadly not shared by the rest of the nation.

South Africa’s Women’s Affairs minister Susan Shabangu called her comments on women who wore mini-skirts as sad coming from someone who required to be liberated.

“That’s a sad statement which cannot be accepted by a woman,” Shabangu said.

How many times have we heard of plots to assassinate certain luminaries?

These are needless to say exercises in fantasy. How come no action has been taken against them if they are remotely true? Where are these silly stories coming from?

Zanu PF and MDC-T workers seem to be the hungriest and angriest people at the moment.

They face opulence on a daily basis, interact with politicians who come to their work stations chauffeur-driven in luxuriously wheels and clad in expensive suits, either to sign “mega-deals” or to hold “critical meetings”.

At the shake-shake building, workers had gone for more than six months with empty purses only to get a little something last week. We are told that after working hard and toiling on empty stomachs for five months, workers at party the headquarters near Rainbow Towers Hotel, where one of their leader is housed until he walks into his US$4 million mansion by January, the workers finally received part of their salaries in time for their departure this week for a jamboree in Victoria Falls.

The politicians, most of them pot-bellied and well-nourished who live large while their workers wallow in abject poverty had to dig deep from the money sourced at the fundraising dinner for the conference to pay off the hungry workers who were threatening to go on a go slow during the Zanu PF conference underway in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

Along Nelson Mandela Street in the capital, former principal in the inclusive government dumped his tired maroon Mercedes Benz that he was using since 2009. The vehicle, they say had become outdated and out of sorts.

We are told at some point, senior party officials were detained by angry supporters who protested that they wanted new wheels for their dear leader (even if they would go forever on empty stomachs as long as their chef is well-fed and well-driven)”.

Dear leader
Reports claim the ex-premier had experienced embarrassing moments of running out of fuel in the middle of his journeys and the leadership, according to the party’s spokesperson Obert Gutu, was under fire from hungry workers who wanted new wheels for their dear leader.

And indeed the wheels came, a US$100 000 Mercedes Benz, silver in colour that is always parked along Nelson Mandela Street and guarded jealously by hungry youths who do not know when their next pay day is.

Gutu argues the party’s Chief Executive should live large and have reliable wheels, insisting the pressure on leadership from the party supporters to buy their leader a car was too much and they had no option but to succumb to the pressure.

Escalating war
Meanwhile, it was not a girls’ show at the Girls High School on Sunday when hungry ruling party youths were as usual in attendance at the revolutionary party’s Harare conference.

After knocking off the beleaguered War Veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa in the second round of their bout by describing him as a thief who should account for his actions at ZBC, Tyson (Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere) walked confidently with loyal youths chanting his name.

Tyson Fury
He walked amid “Tyson, Tyson, and Tyson” chants from Zanu PF youths and when he thought these were honest revolutionary and loyal cadres, he was to be reminded he should pay for all the chants.

“Tyson siyawo yekuti tiite one one (Tyson please buy something for us),” he was told and he had to dig deeper into his pockets to fish out a few notes that he dished out to the “revolutionary youths”.

Should chants and ululations for politicians be paid for in dictatorial regimes and doesn’t this explain why Grace thought of the “give them some rice” strategy.

After smiling with empty stomachs at their dear leader for five months, workers at some party headquarters near Rainbow Towers Hotel last week finally received their salaries as their chefs feared sabotage at the ongoing conference.

But this is not the case for those based at Jongwe Printers as they have to borrow as the struggling revolutionary party can’t pay them now.

The message to the workers from the secretary for administration, one Morgan Chiminya Chombo was that “we are still looking for money … we will pay you as soon possible”.

Icasa in Harare: President’s double-standards exposed

Talking of double-standards, President Mugabe allowed the International Conference on Aids and STIs in Africa (Icasa) to be held despite his putrid hatred of the gay population that formed part of the delegation.

During the UN Assembly, his reckless hate speech about the gays and lesbians was all over international agencies. He regurgitated his mantra that gays were worse than pigs but surprisingly, his health minister and stakeholders were putting together the event.

Mugabe was obviously seeking relevance and international acclaim because clearly there seems to be no love lost there.

Men who dressed up in women’s clothes as a caricature of feminity pranced around the grounds of the Rainbow Towers, the same address that has been occupied for a few days short of a year by Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko.

Sporting tight fitting creations which only served to show off their masculine bodies, they flounced around in heavily made up faces to the ire of the police who constantly harassed them at every given opportunity.

But is Mugabe really honest in his speeches or has it become the norm that he has to please his mentally-confined Zanu PF supporters for electoral benefit?

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