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Benefits of leadership training

LEADERSHIP training worldwide is not a new concept, but adapted by limited organisations.

Robert Mandeya

With the increasing awareness and requirement, various leadership coaching institutions and corporate training institutions are offering comprehensive services.

It is important to select the right leadership training programme that perfectly matches your requirements. It is suggested to target the loopholes and weaker area of the team before improving the major areas. Your training budget and time available for the leadership team are the important considering factors.

Never enter the business world alone, misdirected or without knowledge of what to do. It can only lead to poor choices, losses and years of wasted efforts. Too often, people invest their financial resources, time and energy into programmes and activities that are not for them at that particular time. It is disheartening to people trying so hard while working on the wrong priorities. Both research and evidence from industry have proved that working with a coach has numerous benefits. Here are 10 reasons to work with a coach:

A coach should always understand your reason and purpose in business. He/she helps to bring out your clarity then proceed to assist you set appropriate, clear achievable goals. The coach will help you develop programmes through goal-setting. This is the foundation for the overall business plan, and provides the big picture or map for success.

Appropriate programming
Leadership coaches can help you design your business programmes based on your goals and your research results. An appropriate blend of science based programming and personal goals will create a programme that is your blue print for success as well as being a working document that can be adjusted and tweaked when necessary along the way to stimulate the desired results.

Continued guidance
Leadership coaches can be your immediate support base, they are there to guide you every step of the way and ensure you keep focused and moving forward efficiently.

Loss reduction
We are all prone to some form of loss and mishaps regardless how cautious we are. Appropriate programming and guidance by your coach will create a safer environment for you to. A good coach builds on existing talent and potential to strengthen areas that are susceptible losses.

Coaches should develop a healthy partnership with client and the biggest focus of this partnership should centre on trust and motivation. Coaches should inspire you to remain focused and motivate you to achieve your goal.

Professional development
Coach should provide opportunity for continuous learning. Given the coach’s wealth of knowledge and research he should help client get a deeper insight into the intricacies of his business and alert the client on certain blind spots in the business. The more the client knows about his business the more he will invest in it and become efficient … the outcome will be success.

Varying techniques
The coach should open up client to varying business techniques to enable him to cope with continuous changing circumstances, which will allow for appropriate levels of continuous progress.

Too often there are so many destructions in people’s personal and business life and people often waste time in their business routines attending to some of these destructions. Coaches are there to maximise efficiency and help you stick to the plan.

Specific training
Coaches research your actual business challenges and provides specific training needs to deal with the real competency gaps in your business operation. Through continuous research in best practices and innovations, coaches help you develop the requisite business skills and endurance and acumen ship.

Results oriented
Working with a coach will allow you to achieve results you can not achieve on your own. Each person’s goals are different, whether it is small or big, the coach will guide you down the path to success.

Robert Mandeya is a senior executive training consultant and communication in management advisor, a personal coach in leadership and professional development at the Institute of Leadership Research and Development. You can contact him on mandeyarobert@yahoo.com, mandeyarobert@gmail.com.

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