‘No solution to economic crisis without Zanu PF’

THE Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T says it would be impossible to exclude Zanu PF from the national convergence conference slated for March or April if an urgent solution to the country’s debilitating economic woes is to be found.

Herbert Moyo

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu told the Zimbabwe Independent that it was impossible to ignore Zanu PF at its planned conference that seeks to bring together political parties, businesses, churches and other stakeholders to find solutions to the country’s desperate and deteriorating economic situation.

“Everything that can go wrong in Zimbabwe has and is going wrong and we cannot just fold our arms and watch,” said Gutu in an interview on Monday.

“More than 400 people lose their jobs every week and companies are closing shop. Every two metres there are vendors and this is even happening along First Street in Harare.

“We cannot ignore Zanu PF because they rigged the elections; whether we like it or not they are the ruling party hence our invitation for them to attend the conference. Zanu PF also has some very good men and women.”

Gutu reiterated the MDC-T’s call for fresh general elections, insisting that they must be predicated on electoral, media and security sector reforms as previously agreed by the main political parties in the 2008 Global Political Agreement, which paved the way for a four-year power-sharing unity government. Tsvangirai also made the same call a fortnight ago while addressing the media at the party headquarters in Harare.

Gutu said it is futile for the party to participate in polls before the reforms and consequently they would not be taking part in the March 27 by-elections in Chiramanzu-Zibagwe (Midlands) and Mount Darwin West (Mashonaland Central) to fill House of Assembly seats.

These fell vacant after Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his predecessor Joice Mujuru were elevated to the vice-presidency.

5 thoughts on “‘No solution to economic crisis without Zanu PF’”

  1. peter george says:


  2. TruthBTold says:

    I have no problem with an all stake-holders meeting re: the deep crisis facing Zimbabwe. It is over-due, vital and critical and all stakeholders must put aside their stupid, immature differences and come together for the sake of Zimbabwe. The church should take a strong message of repentance. but please can MDC T name the ‘good’ people in ZPF. I am fascinated and waiting for their reply.

  3. TUNGAMIRAI says:

    We don’t need the names of the good people in ZANU PF but the party’s participation in the all stake-holders conference for our economy’s sake. Self-esteem,pride & petty differences must surely be put aside so we can move on to rebuild our country. It’s no longer a case of party political power but national survival.

  4. Munyaradzi says:

    Zimbabwe’s economic problems and there causes are well documented. Disregard for the rule of law. Lack of clarity on the participation of foreign investors, lack of liquidity and corruption in the financial sector, general corruption in the country etc.

    Tsvangirai was a PM in the inclusive government which admittedly brought a degree of stability in state affairs, now they are out and we all know the belligerence in the current government.

    The day Zimbabweans will reclaim there sovereign from politicians will be the day.

    To me this hot air about national dialogue which won’t even take place sounds like an attempt to gauge political leverage.

  5. Wezhira Wezhara says:

    As long as political parties lead these efforts nothing will succeed….

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