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Another wasted year, as economy screams

Another wasted year comes to an end. Marked by empty promises, delusional policies and the continual rise of Mugabe-Zanu PF “political monotheism”, 2014 can only be remembered for its tragicomedies.


Significantly, it is the year Zimbabweans witnessed “gamatox” insecticide failing to annihilate the weevils. Maybe the mixture was of improper concentration — someone should have alerted a chemist to give a helping hand before the spraying process had begun — who knows, the weevils could have been exterminated!

Jim Crow
So interesting that purges in the ruling party will not stop until Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa ensures all those he perceives to be anti his ascendency are kicked out of the revolutionary movement.

On Sunday President Robert Mugabe fired seven more top officials and notably among them were Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Flora Buka and Sylvester Nguni (Minister of State in former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s office).

Only recently we were told Zanu PF members who sympathised with Mujuru were chased away from celebrations to honour Mnangagwa’s rise to the vice-president’s post in Zvishavane, while Buka and former Indigenisation minister Francis Nhema were not allowed to shake hands with the new vice-president at a state function in Chirumanzu.

Isn’t Zanu PF instituting a “Jim Crow” system, segregation based on factional affiliation, not race, which is going to open up more fissures in the country than expected?

Practising politics of hatred is contradictory to the claims that Zanu PF is determined to ensure there is peace and reconciliation of all parties in the country. Why are all these perceived renegades being persecuted — for expressing dissent? Then Zimbabwe must brace for more tyranny, more torture, and the establishment of a more autocratic state in which only those who hero-worship the comprador bourgeoisie leadership survive. And while all this purging is taking place, the economy yells on a daily basis: “Help me urgently, I’m suffocating.”

It’s not even surprising to wake up one morning hearing Zanu PF proclaiming the banning of multiparty democracy to safeguard its loot. Who will dare challenge them after all — they stole elections before and nothing happened to them.

As Frantz Fanon put it: “Nationalist parties mobilise people with slogans … when such parties are questioned on the economic programme of the state they are clamouring for, they are incapable of replying because precisely they are completely ignorant of the economy of their own country.”

That is the exact case of Zimbabwe, whereby Zanu PF congresses are marked by sloganeering, praise singing and intolerance.

Visualise former ICT minister Webster Shamu exuding the highest level of bootlicking during his hey days, calling Mugabe “cremora”, the “digital warrior”, among other dubious titles. But did that contribute to the improvement of the welfare of the ordinary citizens? In his political ramshackle, he must be accusing himself of playing the wrong card — who will he sing those praises for again?

After dancing and singing for Mugabe, what he does is to leave his people faced with bleak Christmas and New Year holidays to enjoy himself in the Far East with his wife Grace.

Where to now?
Mujuru, who was unceremoniously attacked by Grace and subsequently kicked out of Zanu PF along with other party stalwarts made the most interesting news.

The majority await her next move. Will she remain loyal to Zanu PF, is she going to form a new party, will she join opposition parties or is she going to be dead and buried in the political history of Zimbabwe?

Remember she was supposed to “die in office” like her predecessors, but unfortunately she fell prey to the jackals and vultures who are also eyeing top posts as the succession battle rages on.

The beleaguered MDC-T was rocked by more chaos, with the former party’s secretary-general Tendai Biti and former treasurer-general Elton Mangoma blaming the party’s leader Morgan Tsvangirai for being dictatorial.

Tsvangirai was as well accused of “Zanufying” MDC-T; hence they left to form the MDC Team Renewal. So much was expected from the MDC-T, but it appears its appeal is waning by each day, especially after its dismal performance in last year’s general elections.

Can Tsvangirai manage to reinvigorate the spirit of 2002 and 2008 and sway the electorate into MDC-T direction?

Muckraker wonders what renewal is Biti, Mangoma and their colleagues are talking of. Mushrooming political parties in the country seem to be just another genre of civic groups hunting for donor funding. Not much of recognition has been achieved by the Renewal Team since its inception, and the year ends after joining forces with Welsman Ncube’s MDC.

The “grandness” of the grand coalition is what many await to see. For now it’s much ado about nothing.

Of interest, can a serious publication quote Local Government minister, and now secretary for administration in Zanu PF, Ignatius Chombo, blasting corruption. What a farce.

Dear Mr President

And finally Muckraker wishes to pass a message to Mugabe and his wife on behalf of the impoverished people of the sovereign republic of Zimbabwe: “Wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Mr President, as you relax your mind from the madding crowd of Zimbabwe. When you return don’t forget to bring us the remains of the holiday feast from the Far East. The only hype you left for us concerns political purges and nothing for us on the table to eat.

We promise you a thunderous welcome at the Harare International Airport and may you assure the First Lady that the Zanu PF script is going well as prescribed, her superpower to hire and fire is in safe hands. Please don’t forget to bring us Christmas delights!”

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