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Mujuru, fired ministers deserve no sympathy

Zanu PF’s “cyclonic gangsters” led by the newly-appointed Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and supported by Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuwao, Obert Mpofu and others, finally persuaded President Robert Mugabe to kick out former Vice-President Joice Mujuru from the party and government with eight other former ministers.


This came as no surprise considering Mujuru had been exposed to a tongue-lashing by the First Lady, Grace Mugabe.

The “cabal of rebels” has now been subdued and flushed out with haste in a historical development never witnessed in the country before.

In a press statement on Tuesday, Mujuru decried her sacking, the Animal Farm’s Boxer style slaughtered for glue and skin after a productive input, saying she worked tirelessly to ensure the ruling Zanu PF registered a resounding victory in the general elections held last year.

“In my position of Vice-President, I had numerous responsibilities including mid-last year, the duty to campaign (amongst others) for the Party in the national elections”, she said. “I personally held and attended 43 campaign rallies all over Zimbabwe in a three-week period, often at great personal expense, and happily losing 4kgs in that period! The result of the 2013 elections has been recorded in history, and I believe I played my part in the outcome,” reads her statement.

While this might be true, Mujuru must also remember she aided and abetted Mugabe’s tyranny for donkey years.

No tears

The claim by the former Vice-President shows that she channelled abundant energy towards a futile cause.

However, she needs to be reminded that by telling the nation that the 2013 harmonised polls yielded a legitimate victory for the ruling party, she is merely perpetuating the deception and lie that elections in Zimbabwe are free and fair when everybody knows they are not, especially taking into cognisance of the role of Nikuv.

Mujuru has been part of the destructive policies implemented by Zanu PF since the country gained Independence in 1980 and should not seek sympathy from her fellow citizens and countrymen because she is facing the wrath of the dictatorship she helped build and fully supported over the years when it benefitted her.

No tears for Mujuru at all.
Herself, the ousted Zanu PF officials, Mugabe and the remaining group of political opportunists led by Grace Mugabe are all the same — they sing from the same hymnbook and their deadly tune rings loudly — suppress, destroy and sometimes kill.

Terror zone

Wasn’t Mashonaland Central province well-known for terror during the 2008 elections in which the MDC was robbed of victory?

Why didn’t Mujuru stand firm to remind the perpetrators of violence in the ruling party to respect human life, and why wouldn’t she realise Zimbabweans wanted clean water, electricity and decent life while she was on the gravy train?

The enemy for the majority of Zimbabweans is the predatory Zanu PF leadership and its cronies who have contributed immensely to the destruction of the once sound economy and people’s lives.

Mujuru and other ministers who are now watching the show from the terraces as Mugabe dribbles past his colleagues must remember that her 10-year tenure was no remedy to the ideological and policy mayhem that resulted in the isolation of Zimbabwe internationally and in an economic meltdown.

Mugabe’s wives

Former legislator Margret Dongo was right when she said those in Zanu PF’s echelons of power are Mugabe’s wives.

The party’s 6th National Congress which ended last Saturday undoubtedly proved this assertion.

Besides endorsing nominations to the central committee, the event only primitively served to consolidate Mugabe’s tyranny, while rubber-stamping Grace as the secretary for Women’s Affairs. Nothing else beyond that transpired.

The economy was relegated to the back-burner despite that it is in a tailspin. Mugabe declared he was still mentally alert and therefore was fit to rule as long as he wanted. No vice-presidents were named on the day until Wednesday this week, proving Mugabe and his wife Grace were only concentrating of protecting their empire.


Fortunately, Mugabe rules docile officials and followers who lack the will power to contest his decisions. It was “Gushungo” all over and those who got the chance to speak took bootlicking to new levels, claiming, in the case of Mnangagwa, Mugabe was a colossus. Mugabe won and others were left hanging.

So is Zanu PF satisfied that their “iconic” leader should die in office? Blessed is he who presides over cowards and thieves.

In a world of Zanu PF politics where propaganda is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind, as George Orwell would say, where the opposite is often true, more means less, and lemming-like we march to that proverbial cliff, congress was a success but here we reject such make-believe and subject things to a reality check and call a spade a spade.

Truth be told, the Zanu PF congress was a mere charade to help Mugabe to be president for life. Everything else was incidental. Mugabe used a smash and grab approach to hang onto power, and the party’s kowtowing cowards — people who let their fear overcome their sense of duty — just cheered him on as they, of course, do for a living.

But one wonders why all those men and women, including the degreed, PhD holders and professors, went to school in the first place. Surely, you don’t need a degree to be a lily-livered and fawning presidential cheerleader or bootlicker! Maybe we should ask Mugabe and his wife how they actually chose their court jesters — clowns or buffoons hired to entertain the First Family.


In another diplomatic gaffe, Mugabe attacked former Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi, South African, Nigerian, Gabonese leaders and US president Barack Obama for failing to deliver on his promises to Africa, among others.

He labelled Gaddafi a madman who refused to take advice, also saying African countries were not supposed to sanction the participation of Nato in the Libyan war. Before that he had attacked Ghana and other African countries claiming they were not developing as if Zimbabwe is.

So is Mugabe the only wise man in Africa to whose thinking everyone must subscribe? Wasn’t he knighted by the British in 1994 before the honour was withdrawn over human rights abuses? So does it mean he is a sellout?

Grace must watch out. Even the wife of the new Vice-President Mnangagwa, Auxillia, also wants to be in State House. Who doesn’t given the chance anyway? Muckraker believes Mnangagwa harbours the treasonous dream to be the next president rather than being the second in command alone.

For that reason it could still prove to be a long walk to State House for Mnangagwa.

Short and Sweet …

Zanu PF showdown curtain comes down, rest in peace Mujuru faction

Mugabe finally ended the public’s suspense by naming Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko as the new vice-presidents. The curtain certainly has finally come down on the embattled former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and her faction.

With anxiety Zimbabweans await developments that are likely to ensue after the ruling party had been entangled in intense factional fights. Mphoko seems to the a surprise choice, but Mugabe could be playing his cards well to neutralise those who may threaten his power.

Sadly, former Zanu PF national chairperson Simon Khaya Moyo fell from grace only to be grab the post of information and publicity instead of climbing up the ladder. It seemed before Khaya Moyo would land the vice-president’s post ahead of Mphoko.

After praise-singing for Mugabe and showing an unquestionable bootlicking intensity during the just-ended Zanu PF congress, Khaya Moyo should be an unhappy man despite remaining within party structures.

Mnangagwa should be the happiest Zanu PF officials after spending several years strategically positioning himself to take over from Mujuru, who ascended to vice-presidency via unscrupulous means though ironically with the support of Mugabe. First Lady Grace Mugabe, the main player in the game to overthrow Mujuru, should be smiling (corners of her mouth spreading to an unimportant distance of her ears — the Thomas Hardy way). The “bedroom coup” former war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda warned of has now come to pass. The Tsholotsho plot was not a farce; it was actually a long-term, well-crafted strategic manoeuvre which a decade later rocked Zanu PF to its foundations.

Rest in peace Mujuru faction.

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