Booby traps laid on Mujuru’s path

THE Zanu PF faction led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa is plotting to table constitutional amendments which would allow President Robert Mugabe to handpick members of the presidium — including vice-presidents — before the party’s central committee ahead of the December congress, so that the changes apply at the forthcoming congress.

Wongai Zhangazha

The moves are part of desperate attempts to derail Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s chances of landing the presidency.

The amendments, to be introduced to the central committee while sidelining the politburo, will allow Mugabe to appoint his two vice-presidents as well as the national chairman, as opposed to the current constitutional order where the posts are occupied upon nomination by at least six provinces.

Zanu PF insiders said pushing for constitutional amendments has emerged as the safest way to block Mujuru from seizing control of the party, although the faction was also considering using the secret ballot system not catered for in the constitution, as well as fielding a strong candidate to challenge the vice-president.

“The other two options may backfire because Mujuru is quite popular in the party and can easily win an election against Mnangagwa, Grace or Oppah Muchinguri who are the three best horses in the other faction. The safest way is to amend the constitution to allow Mugabe to appoint people of his choice,” said a Zanu PF official.

“This is also tricky considering Mujuru enjoys support, especially in the politburo. So the best bet is to take the proposed amendments straight to the central committee where people can easily be cowed, by-passing the politburo which in practice is the supreme decision-making body, although constitutionally the central committee is the superior body in between congress.”

According to the ZanuPF constitution, under Article 7 of Section 34 (8): “The central committee being the principal organ of congress and acting on behalf of congress when congress is not sitting shall have full preliminary unfettered powers to amend the constitution, if deemed necessary, subject to ratification by congress”.

Article 30 section 253 (6) of the constitution says if a two-thirds majority of delegates of the central committee is present, voting shall be required for the adoption of proposed amendments to the constitution.

While the Mnangagwa faction is pushing for the amendments, the Mujuru faction is demanding the respect of the current constitution which states in Section 32 (1) that the structure of the presidium is shaped by nominations from the provinces where if a candidate garners more than six nominations, that candidate is deemed elected and automatically becomes part of the presidium.

In the event that no single candidate garners six or more nominations, the process will be repeated with the top two candidates who garnered the highest votes being re-subjected to a fresh nomination process until one candidate gets the required six nominations.

Mujuru faction members also want the adoption of election guidelines used at the Women’s League conference in August to be used to select members of the central committee and, by extension, members of the presidium.

The regulations stipulate that any member who wants to be in the central committee should have served the party for 15 consecutive years, five of which should have been at provincial level.

In addition, the regulations state that aspiring central committee members must not have been convicted of any criminal offence or suffered insolvency. They must not have been found guilty or convicted by the party’s disciplinary committees during the past five years.

This, if applied, would affect the Mnangagwa faction which had several members suspended or expelled from the party ahead of the 2004 congress after they convened a meeting in Tsholotsho meant to catapult their leader to the vice-presidency, strategically positioning him to succeed Mugabe.

14 thoughts on “Booby traps laid on Mujuru’s path”

  1. Timothy Thorton says:

    Zvipfukuto are the Nikuv masters. Mai Mujuru ngavarambe

    1. Mike Rook says:

      This is a well researched informative article. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Cde Mnangagwa is an astute politician with impeccable credentials and an unquestionable loyalty to President Mugabe. The elected president of Zimbabwe should be free to choose and appoint the vice presidents of his choice. By doing so the unseemly and sometimes violent inter faction fighting is neutralised.

      1. Sonkomose says:

        You make valid points sir. But, laws should be crafted for the good of the whole nation and not to fix certain individuals. What if by some stroke of fate Mujuru becomes the president? What would Mnangagwa have achieved?

    2. mwanawevhu says:

      who lied to these so called analysts that mujuru is popular?

  2. Manje so! says:

    Party constituion must be in sync with Gov constitution. What if one wins party VP and the President decides to appoint another as GVt VP? Coz coubtry constitution provides for Presiodent appointing two VP in Gvt.

  3. Let the games begin. Wrestling – Mujuru might win. Athletics 50/50. Boxing- Mnangagwa wins. Netball – Mujuru wins. Soccer – Mnangagwa wins. Shortput – Mujuru wins. Defensive driving – Mujuru wins. Charisma – Mujuru wins. Javelin – Mnangagwa wins. Add your on.l

  4. Cash Talk says:

    Analysis dze fake idzi. Mash West, Masvingo and now Harare provincial chairmen are gone. By this time next week, include Manicaland, Mash Central, Midlands and perhaps even Mash East. All chairmen are being booted by receiving vote of no confidence by same people who supposedly voted them into the same position to begin with. Unless if the same people who voted the chairmen into power, have now been coerced into refusing their chairmen…its a very democratic process. And Joyce will be removed by a very democratic process. When Joyce used force and money to get the chairmen in the first place noone complained. Now Mugabe just used power to neutralize bribery…its wrong?

  5. mukwerekwere says:

    Zimbabwe yadove nika yesketch chaiyo.

  6. Wezhira Wezhara says:

    Joice is not popular veduwe…she buys and rigs and intimidates people into voting in her supporters….Also politburo is not superior organ according to constitution Inga mr reporter u quoted constitution wani? Just bcoz Joice and her clique have abused their politburo positions to cow the central committee doesn’t change the constitutional order….Anyway Unity Accord says president appoints his VP’s and in practice this is how he did it with Nkomo and Muzenda…..This is just aligning party constitution with Unity Accord and State constitution but Joice and her people want to disregard mitemo bcoz if mitemo r followed they will lose out

  7. Munyai says:

    Ko zvitsva here ingawani Obama picks his own VP aka running mate. Gushungo shld do whats best for him and the party

  8. david maombo says:

    If such is true, sister; then don’t you the gauntlet in throw. please.
    since when been lioness joice a coward. it’s a good lesson, especially for an aspirant national leader, in crocodile infested saves and zambezis. seek them comrades to you true, bushstyle, and survive this. you can! he wasn’t wrong – you are one! he could be showing you exactly what managing the party’s affairs and the war (under ian smith) from 1975 and then the cio, the party and the army from 1980, including the state is like. you have true Ö”and Ä”levels and degree. rise up, transform and renew the party and forge beneficial relations with country reconstruction players. zimbabwe needs you now than never before. he developed you for it. failing it would be especially betraying the otherwise wise and poisonous tyrant.

    1. Taedza Jonga says:

      Am even surprised that at this moment in time we are debating power politics in ZanuPf of all monsters which has brought the country & us its people to its knees..its such a sad situation to say the least when we cant debate how we can help pick this country from the dolldrums it finds itself in..each person on this forum ask yourself for how long we have been through this route. All I am saying is: after ZanuPf/Mdc or country elections/congresses, lets not forget there is a country to run, AND this should be the message we are sending to these morons of politicians in our country..& by the way hasThe Independent now turned to Zanu Times??

      1. lovethynation says:

        It is sad that we are force into such ramblings but unfortunately politics and the economy go hand in hand. Political leaders only seem to be good leaders when they are the opposition and they are “Fighting for the oppressed”, but the minute they get into power the become power crazed megalomaniacal despotic autocrats.
        Unfortunately Morgan Tsvangirai showed this side of himself even before becoming the countries leader and now his party is in free-fall. That is the reason why everyone is discussing the goings on in ZANU. It is not because they love the party but simply because it is the party leading, or misleading, the country right now and they have to deal with what is available on the ground. The fact that, despite party mantra, the party is splitting in two gives the people an opportunity to choose sides, or in this case, have an opposition to support. Because the VP is being “persecuted” in most peoples eyes, the tendency is to support her. I mean who would like, after all, to support a crocodile of all things. The truth is that every single person in ZANU is guilty of corruption from the top to the bottom. But everyone loves an underdog and that is why the proletariat support the VP.

  9. butchwa bonda mtuvi belingwe says:

    was this mujuru thing of yours elected in 2004. she was also appointed, if so, why denny other people’s chances to be appointed also. mind you they suspend and expeled mnangagwa’s supporters so that they win these fake elections we saw during the chairmen’s election. the so called tsholotsho declaration, the like of jonso, ed himself, july moyo, shiri, ben mataga were all ruined their political future by this mujuru/gumbo of yours


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