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Live Updates: In their words at Grace Mugabe Marondera rally

The First lady Grace Mugabe is in Marondera on Friday for the final leg of her provincial tour as she angles to take over as Zanu PF Women’s league chair.

Tapiwa Zivira and the team in Marondera, Everson Mushava, Cynthia Matonhodze and Aaron Ufumeli provide live updates of the event.

14:30 Grace ends her address.

14:17 Grace attacks journalists and alleges the private media is being paid to write negative things about the First family. “NewsDay, how much are you paid to write negative things about Mai Mugabe.”
She blames journalists, claiming they are being paid by Tsvangirai and says today should be the end of writing of negative things about her.

14:10 Grace threatens people against going into the streets to protest against the economic decline. “Ifactionalism iyoyo, mofurirwa naMorgan Tsvangirai.”

Grace speaks on behalf of government, promising that it will fulfill its electoral promises.

13:55: Grace insists the land reform will go ahead. “I acquired a farm to show people they should not be threatened by anyone.”

13:50 Grace attacks journalists, claims she speaks in ‘tounges’ and says it is up to the media to interpret her speeches negatively or positively.

13:40 “Kushora VaMugabe vakakupa chigaro ichocho….it is corruption when you do not take things to the intended beneficiaries.”

13:38 “Here in Mash East, I asked about factionalism and they said there is none here but I told Kaukonde kuti urikunyepa, achingosekerera zvenhema ndikamuti urikuziva mari dzirikuita exchange hands, it’s fake smile iyi. Kaukonde uyu ndakambomudeedza 2008, I almost punched him, ndamuudza kuti Kaukonde siya factionalism, the moment of reckoning shall come.”
“urikuda kuti tiite mini unitu accord here.” Grace says asking Kaukonde to the stage. Kaukonde refuses. “Ah arikuramba, ramba wakadaro uone.”
There is an uproar in the crowd,” Nyararai kani kana ndichitaura.”
“Kaukonde uyu munhu wemari anenge achingopa madzimai mari, ndasvika ndikavhunza madzimai vakati hakuna factionalism. Madzimai kana 100 anavo.”
“Anotsvaga hukama nevanhu varikuleader factionalism. Ndakambomuudza kuti kusina mai hakuendwe.”

13:36: “Iwe Kaukonde tikakumkisai nana Mugabe apa tinozoona kuti achembera ndiani apa.”
“The same people who were against (the 2013 general) elections are those calling for the removal President Mugabe.”

13:35: Grace says she did not wrestle the Women’s League top post from Oppah Muchinguri. “I was approached to take over the post, I did not wrestle it from Muchinguri.”

13:30: Grace Mugabe launches a tirade against those aiming for the party’s vice presidency. “You go to the newspapers even before you approach the party of your (vice-presidency) ambitions.
She says the Zanu PF constitution stipulates that only the president has the mandate to appoint the vice-president.

13:15 Grace promises land to women. “There are some pieces of land that can be subdivided to provide land for women, especially divorcees. Many women are divorced for different reasons, others for failing to cook well… and I hope you (Oppah) Muchinguri were not divorced for bad cooking.”

13:00. Grace Mugabe starts addressing and expresses her disappointment over the small crowd.
“This is the smallest crowd I have ever seen since I started my tour,” she said.
She reiterates her threats to ‘factional’ leaders, promising that these will be exposed.
She takes on her routine anti-rape and anti-homosexuality talk.

12:00 The rally started on a low note, with slogans denouncing ‘Gamatox’.

However other officials like Varaidzo Mupunga, the party’s national secretary for administration said “Pasi neZvipfukuto” instead of the now trademark, “pasi neGamtox”

|On Thursday in Bindura, Grace tore into Vice-President Joice Mujuru, describing her as a gossiper, demonic, jealous and divisive. Click here to read the story

|This came as ZANU PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said the chanting of slogans denouncing some senior party members at First Lady Grace Mugabe’s “Meet The People” rallies was being done by irresponsible youths and warned members to stick to the party’s approved mottos. Click here to read the story
On the contrary, most of the senior officials including Information minister Jonathan Moyo, Environment minister Saviour Kasukuwere and others chanted “Pasi neGamatox” slogans.

Meanwhile, in Marondera: Zanu PF Mashonaland East chair ray Kaukonde got his five minutes to speak and apart from praising his province for overwhelming voting for Zanu PF in the 2013 elections, he praised outgoing Women’s league chair Oppah Muchinguri for giving up his post.

“Handisati ndambozvinzwa kuti munhu ati handichda hangu chigaro,(I have never heard it that someone just relinquishes power)” he said.

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